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The Social Contract Press (SCP) is an American publisher. It is a proponent of immigration reduction and population control, with an emphasis on issues such as culture and the environment. It was founded by John Tanton and is headed by Wayne Lutton, who in 2001 joined the editorial advisory board of the white supremacist newspaper of the Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC).[1]

It publishes the quarterly Social Contract journal, reprints books, and publishes new works.

It reprinted Jean Raspail's 1973 novel The Camp of the Saints, which was a best-seller in France when first published, and had originally been published in translated English form by Scribners. Due in part to the SCP's publication and endorsement of the novel, it has been described as a "hate group" which "publishes a number of racist works" by the Southern Poverty Law Center.[2] In response, the Social Contract Press devoted its Spring 2010 issue criticizing the SPLC, calling them "profiteers of hate".[3] Tanton has responded to the SPLC's characterization by saying that the SCP simply felt that the controversial novel should be available for those interested to read.[4] The SPLC countered that those interested to read the novel tend to be American white supremacists.[1]

Roxanne Lynn Doty wrote that their website included links to VDARE, FAIR, Numbers USA, the Center for Immigration Studies, American Renaissance and other groups.[5] As of September 2013 these groups were still on their website, with the caveat "Listing a link does not imply endorsement of past, present or future material posted to that website."[6]

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