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The Social Democrats (Italian: i SocialDemocratici, iSD), whose complete name is The Social Democrats – Federalists for the Euromediterranean (i SocialDemocratici – Federalisti per l'Euromediterraneo), is a minor social-democratic political party in Italy. Mimmo Magistro is the party leader.

The party was founded in November 2011 by a split from the Italian Democratic Socialist Party (PSDI). Magistro had been the secretary of the PSDI from 2007 to July 2011, when a tribunal in Rome declared Renato D'Andria, who had been elected secretary in 2006 only to see his election invalidated by the party, legitimate secretary of the party.[1] Magistro proposed a reconciliation between the two factions,[2] but D'Andria did not accept the conditions posed by him.[3] In mid November 2011, 28 members out of 31 of the outgoing National Council, including Magistro, thus left the PSDI in order to form a new party named The Social Democrats (iSD).[4]

On 11 January 2012, on the 65th anniversary of the split of Palazzo Barberini, the PSDI and iSD organized a common event in remembrance of Giuseppe Saragat, a former President of the Italian Republic (1964–1971) and long-standing leader of the PSDI from 1947 until his death in 1988.[5] A recomposition of the two groups may still be possible, but it has been made difficult also by the fact that D'Andria is keen on an alliance with the centre-right (three MPs of The People of FreedomMassimo Baldini, Giancarlo Lehner and Paolo Russo – are quite close to the new PSDI),[6][7][8] while Magistro has aligned his iSD with the centre-left.



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