The Socialist (UK newspaper)

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The Socialist
The Socialist front page 741.png
Front page of The Socialist on 7 November 2012
TypeWeekly newspaper
Owner(s)Socialist Party
PublisherSocialist Publications
EditorSarah Sachs-Eldridge
Founded1964 as Militant
Political alignmentTrotskyist
HeadquartersLondon, United Kingdom
OCLC number39155867

The Socialist is the weekly paper of the Socialist Party. Founded in 1964 under the name Militant, it styled itself as the "Marxist voice of Labour and Youth" and played an important role in bringing together a strong left-wing grouping within the British Labour Party, so much so that the group came to be known as the Militant tendency after the newspaper they sold and read. In 1997, Militant Labour (successor to the Militant tendency) changed its name to the Socialist Party, and the Militant newspaper was renamed the Socialist the same year.

It is edited and written by the members and supporters of the political party publishing it. Sold by its members, it is a non-profit paper, carrying news and reports from around the country and from overseas.

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