The Solution (song)

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"The Solution"
Song by Yes
from the album Open Your Eyes
Released November 24, 1997
Recorded Summer 1997
Length 23:47 (5:26+2:00 (silent track)+16:21)
Label Atco Records
Composer(s) Jon Anderson, Steve Howe, Billy Sherwood, Chris Squire, Alan White
Lyricist(s) Jon Anderson
Producer(s) Yes
Open Your Eyes track listing
"Somehow, Someday"
"The Solution"

"The Solution" is a song by Yes. It appeared as the closing track of the 1997 album Open Your Eyes. The song itself was never played live, but the closing ambient section opened every show of album's tour, followed by "Rhythm of Love". It did not see a single issue.[1]

On the album[edit]

The work is the last track on the disc. While the recording's index lasts for 23:47, the song itself is only 5:26. The remainder of the composition is consumed by an atmospheric section consisting of a two-minute break and 16:21 of nature sounds and clippings of vocals from each track. As such, it remains the longest studio track in the Yes catalogue, but not the longest studio recording (the title work from Fly From Here, a series of six songs, took this title in 2011, beating it by 2 seconds), despite being essentially two separate compositions.

Alternate issues of the album[edit]

Surround sound[edit]

When the album was first released, a surround sound edition was available which excluded the ambiance ghost track.[2]

Japanese issue[edit]

The Japanese issue of the album also includes this ambiance track.[3] In addition, the radio edit of "Open Your Eyes" appears before this song and after "Somehow, Someday".

In the live setting[edit]

The main song was never played live. The ambiance track found at the end of the song was played as the opening to just short of every show on the Open Your Eyes tour, but nowhere else. The ambiance track serves as the intro to the next song played, "Rhythm of Love."


  • Jon Anderson - vocals
  • Chris Squire - bass, vocals
  • Steve Howe - lead guitars, vocals
  • Billy Sherwood - keyboards, guitar, vocals
  • Alan White - drums

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