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The Sondheim Review is a quarterly magazine published in Chicago, United States, since 1994 and, per its tagline, is "Dedicated to the work of the Musical Theatre's foremost composer and lyricist," Stephen Sondheim. It is edited by Cincinnati theatre critic Rick Pender, and its editorial board includes theatre columnist John Olson and drama critic Eric Grode.[1] Sondheim himself has written occasional short items for the magazine, although he is not formally connected with the magazine in any way.


The Sondheim Review has not published since new subscriptions were to begin in 2016; the Website is defunct and many subscribers are without refunds for the 2016-2017 subscription season. At present, uses an invalid security certificate that expired on December 19th 2016 6:59PM

The Sondheim Review also maintains a low-activity web site that includes one free article from each issue and a list of upcoming Sondheim productions primarily in the United States and Canada.

Available primarily by subscription in all 50 states, The Sondheim Review has subscribers in over 25 countries, as Sondheim's work is widely acclaimed and respected, even in non-English speaking countries.


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