The Song Remains Insane (video)

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The Song Remains Insane
Soulfly - The Song Remains Insane.jpg
Video by Soulfly
Released 1 March 2005
Genre Alternative metal, groove metal, nu metal
Label Roadrunner
Director Kimo Proudfoot
Producer Jason Cohon

The Song Remains Insane is the first video by the Brazilian-American heavy metal band Soulfly. It was released through Roadrunner Records on 1 March 2005.

Track listing[edit]

All songs written and composed by Max Cavalera, except where noted.

  1. "Prophecy"
  2. "Eye for an Eye"
  3. "Living Sacrifice"
  4. "Bring It"
  5. "Refuse/Resist"
  6. "Execution Style"
  7. "Seek 'N' Strike"
  8. "Roots Bloody Roots"
  9. "Attitude"
  10. "First Commandment"
  11. "No Hope = No Fear"
  12. "Pain" (Cavalera, Chino Moreno, Grady Avenell)
  13. "Mars" (Cavalera, Eyesburn, Nemanja Kojić)
  14. "Wings"


  • Villains – producer
  • Kimo Proudfoot – director
  • Jason Cohon – producer
  • Janet Haase – executive producer
  • Chris Wright – editor