The Song That Goes Like This

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"The Song That Goes Like This" is a song written by Eric Idle from the musical comedy Spamalot. The song's melody is intentionally treacly and insipid, and is essentially a parody of the love songs written by composers such as Andrew Lloyd Webber.

The singers sing about the one song that occurs in every Broadway musical, and its defining features (incredibly long, changing musical keys, and extremely high notes, the male lead at one point complaining that "Now we're into E, that's awfully high for me." With the female lead responding "but everyone can see, we should have stayed in D," although in performance, the corresponding keys of the song are F and G.). In the Broadway production of the musical, a chandelier appears above the singers, an additional parody of The Phantom of the Opera's famous song. At the end of the song, the singers hit a note so high that it seems to shatter the chandelier.