The Sopranos (pinball)

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The Sopranos
Manufacturer Stern
Release date February 2005
System Stern WhiteStar II
Design George Gomez
Programming Dwight Sullivan
Artwork Kevin O'Connor
Music Chris Granner
Sound Chris Granner
Production run ~3500
Immagine dei SOPRANOS, protagonisti dei flipper

The Sopranos is a Stern pinball machine released in February 2005. It is based on the television series of the same name.

The game features the talking fish from the show, a safe that can be opened, Bada Bing! dancers and the boat (called Stugots) from the show that locks balls for a mini-multiball. The main characters that died in the series (up to the release date) can be collected as bonus multipliers. If, after playing, the player activates the flippers in an LLRLLRLLRLLRLLR pattern, the words "Secret Message" and the number 742.


The main goal is to work your way up from associate to underboss, which is honorated by a mini-Wizard Mode, and finally boss, which requires the fulfillment of 8 other tasks and results in the final Wizard Mode:

One task to become boss is to play five episodes:

  • Arson - Burn down Artie Bucco's restaurant.
  • Exterminate - Find the hidden bugs in Tony's office.
  • Horse Race - Make Pie-O-My win the race.
  • Executive Game - Video poker.
  • Satisfaction - Hunt down a rat.

The other seven tasks:

  • Bada Bing! - Start "Party at the Bing", complete for Bing-Multiball.
  • Truck Heist - Start a Heist by shooting the loops. Complete by making 3 heists.
  • Food - Collect all food for "Food Fight".
  • Safe - Crack the Safe open and collect the award.
  • R.I.P. - Collect the eight characters on the R.I.P. board.
  • Super Jackpot - Start Stugots Multiball and achieve a Super Jackpot.
  • Meadowlands - Dispose various items in the Meadowlands.[1]

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