The Sorcerers

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For other films with similar name, see Sorcerer.
The Sorcerers
The Sorcerers FilmPoster.jpeg
Directed by Michael Reeves
Produced by Patrick Curtis
Tony Tenser
Written by John Burke
Michael Reeves
Tom Baker
Starring Boris Karloff
Ian Ogilvy
Elizabeth Ercy
Victor Henry
Catherine Lacey
Susan George
Music by Paul Ferris
Cinematography Stanley A. Long
Distributed by Tigon British Film Productions
Running time
82 mins
Country UK
Language English
Budget £50,000[1]

The Sorcerers is a 1967 British science fiction/horror film directed by Michael Reeves, starring Boris Karloff, Catherine Lacey, Ian Ogilvy, and Susan George.[2] The original story and screenplay was conceived and written by John Burke. Reeves and his childhood friend Tom Baker re-wrote sections of the screenplay, including the ending at Karloff's insistence, wanting his character to appear more sympathetic.[3] Burke was then removed from the main screenwriting credit and was relegated to an 'idea by'.


An elderly couple (Boris Karloff and Catherine Lacey) use a new method of hypnosis to share the experiences of others. A bored young man named Mike Roscoe (Ian Ogilvy), serves as their surrogate in acts which become more and more amoral and violent.


The Sorcerers: The Original Screenplay[edit]

After John Burke’s death in 2011, his estate sent two boxes of effects to John’s friend, editor Johnny Mains. Looking through the material he discovered that it contained the original screenplay which was markedly different from the finished film. Burke had already told Mains about Michael Reeves denying him a screenwriting credit, but included in the boxes were several lawyers letters pertaining to the fact that this was the case. Mains then approached PS Publishing who agreed to publish the original screenplay, treatment, letters and other ephemera. The finished book, with an introduction by Matthew Sweet and additional material from Kim Newman, Benjamin Halligan and Tony Earnshaw, was published in October 2013.


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