The Soul of the Accordion

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El Alma de bandoneón
Directed by Mario Soffici
Produced by Angel Mentasti
Written by José A. Bugliot
Mario Soffici
Starring Enrique Serrano
Santiago Arrieta
Music by Enrique Santos Discépolo
Cinematography Francis Boeniger
Edited by Alfredo Traverso
Release date
  • 1935 (1935)
Country Argentina
Language Spanish

The Soul of the Accordion (Spanish: El alma de bandoneón) is a 1935 Argentine tango musical film directed by Mario Soffici and written by José A. Bugliot.[1] It is considered one of the earliest classics of Argentine cinema.[2]

The film starred Libertad Lamarque, Enrique Serrano and Santiago Arrieta.


A rich countryman sends his son to the city to study. He becomes involved in a romantic relationship with a girl who wants to succeed in singing. The couple go through great sacrifice and renunciation.

The film deals with themes of popular music and radio culture, and introduces the tango song Cambalache, written by Enrique Santos Discépolo.[3]



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