The Sound of Heart

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The Sound of Your Heart
Cho Seok in his own artstyle
마음의 소리
AuthorCho Seok
IllustratorCho Seok
PublisherNaver Webtoon
English publisherLine Webtoon
Original run2006 – present

The Sound of Your Heart (Korean마음의 소리; also known as The Sound of Your heart, Sound of Heart) is a South Korean webtoon series written and illustrated by Jo Seok.[1] The webtoon was first released on the Naver Webtoon internet portal in 2006. In 2007, the first print volume was released and The Sound of Your Heart was adapted into a TV series of the same name in 2015.[2][3]


On December 17, 2015, the 1,000th episode of The Sound of Heart was posted on Naver. Since Jo started posting his webcomic on Naver, views averaged 5 million per update, a total of over 5 billion views. The Sound of Heart is the longest running South Korean webcomic.[4]

When Jo got married in 2014, he did not have a wedding ceremony or honeymoon trip because he did not want a lapse in his update schedule. In 2015, Jo earned about ₩78,000,000 per month (approximately ₩936,000,000 per year).[3]


The Sound of Heart features author Jo Seok as the main character.

In The Sound of Heart, most characters are based on people in the author's life.[4]

  • Jo Seok: The author himself in his comic.
  • Lee Ae-bong: Jo's girlfriend, and, since June 2014, wife.
  • Jo Joon: Jo's brother.
  • Jo Cheol-wang: Jo's father. He was a rugby player and owner of a chicken restaurant.
  • Kwon Jeong-kwon: Jo's mother.
  • Jo Yool-bong: Jo and Ae-bong's daughter.
  • Kim Joongoo: General editor of Naver Comics.
  • Sensation: Jo's pet dog
  • Hengbong: Jo's other pet dog

Other media[edit]

On 7 November 2016, Air Seoul announced that it had collaborated with Naver Webtoon to produce safety video. Some of the works shown here include Denma, The Sound of Heart, and Noblesse.[5]

Television series[edit]

KBS had been planning a TV series involving The Sound of Heart since 2015. Lee Kwang-soo was cast to portray Jo Seok, and Jung So-min is cast to portray Lee Ae-bong.[2] The series was also picked up by Netflix and was broadcast on both channels simultaneously on February 24, 2017.[6]

Cho Seok was portrayed by Sung Hoon and Lee Ae-bong was portrayed by Girls' Generation's Kwon Yuri in Netflix's The Sound of Your Heart - Reboot in October 2018. This show ran for two seasons.[7]

Mobile game[edit]

Korean mobile game company Neowiz Games produced a mobile video game adaption of The Sound of Heart, launched on Google Play in April 2016. The fee is free and includes some paid item payment features. The latest update is on April 24, 2019 and is a game of RPG personality[8].


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