The Sowers of the Thunder

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For the 1973 collection named after this story, see The Sowers of the Thunder (collection).
"The Sowers of the Thunder"
Oriental stories 1932win.jpg
Author Robert E. Howard
Country United States
Language English
Genre(s) Historical fiction
Published in Oriental Stories
Media type Pulp magazine
Publication date Winter 1932

"The Sowers of the Thunder" is a short story by Robert E. Howard (published in Oriental Stories, Winter 1932) that takes place in Outremer (the Crusader states) in the time of General Baibars and deals with the General's friendly/adversarial relationship with Cahal Ruadh O'Donnell, an Irish Crusader with a troubled past cut in the Howardian mold.

As is common for Howard's historical fiction, this tale is tragic as much as it is heroic, pitting the protagonist's superhuman strength and resolution against a world that is yet stronger, and too harsh to resist. Another trait of the story common to Howard's historical tales is the mix of historical figures and events (here Baibars, Walter of Brienne, Al-Mansur and others, and the prelude to Baibars' Mamluk empire) with totally imaginary ones (such as deposed "King of Ireland" Cahal). While less known than Howard's fantasy work, this is nonetheless considered a classic among his writings.

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