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The Space Brothers are a UK trance music act comprising Ricky Simmonds and Stephen Jones, noted for producing under a variety of pseudonyms such as Chakra, Lustral, Ascension, Essence, Ultra High, Lamai and The Realm.


Their debut production "Stay with Me" (released as Ultra High) garnered club interest and reached number 36 in the UK Singles Chart in December 1995.[1] Whereas "Stay with Me" epitomised the hardbag sound, their next release "I Am" (as Chakra) was to showcase a darker, ethereal and more progressive trance based sound. "I Am" caught the ears of Sasha and John Digweed (the latter of whom submitted a remix of the track alongside Nick Muir in their Bedrock guise). "I Am" peaked at number 24 on the UK Singles Chart in January 1997.[2]

Despite having signed to Paul Oakenfold's Perfecto imprint for the release of "Someone" - Ascension and WEA for the release of their Chakra material, the Space Brothers elected to make Manifesto Records their home, and their first Space Brothers single "Shine", appeared into the UK chart having been Pete Tong's 'essential new tune'.

The second Space Brothers release was "Forgiven (I Feel Your Love)" in November 1997. It spent a total of seven weeks in the UK chart over the course of the festive period that year. 1998 witnessed the temporary abandonment of the Space Brothers moniker, and Simmonds and Jones instead elected to focus on the output of their other sobriquets Essence, Lustral and Force Majeure. The following year saw the release of "Legacy (Show Me Love)" in July 1999. Featuring the vocals of Kate Cameron as well as a remix by Matt Darey, it reached number 31 in the UK chart in July 1999.[3]

Shortly after the release of "Legacy (Show Me Love)" the Space Brothers unveiled their debut album Shine. To complement the album a remix disc was included in the package featuring reworked Space Brothers tracks (mostly unreleased) mixed by Paul Oakenfold. The second single from the album was "Heaven Will Come", which was released in October 1999 featuring mixes by Lange and Olmec Heads. Following the commercial success of "Legacy (Show Me Love)" and "Heaven Will Come", coupled with their album "Shine", the Space Brothers decided to take a hiatus, returning only briefly in 2001 with the Push remixed "Everywhere I Go".

The Space Brothers sobriquet has been largely inactive since this time; however, Simmonds and Jones have continued to release tracks under guises such as Ascension, The Realm, Chakra, Quadraphonic and Lamai. In late 2002 a new Space Brothers track "One More Chance" appeared as a 12" and digital download release. Recent promos circulated have featured remixes of "Everywhere I Go" and "Forgiven" (as remixed by Ian Knowles and DJ Demand) on the Liverpool based 3 Beat Records subsidiary label, Boss Records.

Most Space Brothers tracks feature the vocals of Kate Cameron, aside from "Shine" and "Forgiven (I Feel Your Love)" (Joanna Law) and "Everywhere I Go" (Talya).

2006 saw Simmonds and Jones launching the online download music store,, where all their productions and side projects are available, along with a broad range of other dance artists and releases. 2007 saw the duo mainly active in the guise of Lustral with the release of the download album Deepest, Darkest Secrets and the double remix CD Deeper, Darker Secrets.



  • Shine (Manifesto 1999 (UK) (featuring bonus disc mixed by Paul Oakenfold containing unreleased remixes from Medway, Planet Heaven, Lange and Matt Darey)


  • May 1997: "Shine" (#23 UK)
  • December 1997: "Forgiven (I Feel Your Love)" (#27 UK)
  • July 1999: "Legacy (Show Me Love)" (#31 UK)
  • October 1999: "Heaven Will Come" (#25 UK) - the single release of "Heaven Will Come" is an edited version of the Lange Vocal Mix
  • January 2000: "Shine 2000" (remix) (#18 UK)
  • September 2001: "Everywhere I Go"
  • November 2002: "One More Chance"
  • August 2005: "Forgiven 2005"
  • November 2005: "Everywhere I Go 2005"


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