The Spider's Lullabye

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The Spider's Lullabye
King Diamond - The Spider's Lullabye.jpg
Studio album by King Diamond
Released 6 June 1995
Recorded September–October 1994
Genre Heavy metal
Length 47:19
Label Metal Blade
Producer King Diamond
King Diamond chronology
A Dangerous Meeting
(1992)A Dangerous Meeting1992
The Spider's Lullabye
The Graveyard
(1996)The Graveyard1996
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic4/5 stars[1]

The Spider's Lullabye is the sixth studio album by King Diamond released in 1995. Unlike other King Diamond albums, it is not a full concept album. Only half the songs form a single plot. It was also the first King Diamond album to be released on the Metal Blade label. The Spider's Lullabye is the first album to feature guitarist Herb Simonsen, bassist Chris Estes and drummer Darrin Anthony.

The album was remastered by Andy LaRocque and was re-released in 2009.


The first half of the songs on this album are listed as a variety of short stories before the second half form the plot.

"From the Other Side"

Tells about the protagonist's struggle with an out-of-body experience, forcing himself to come back to life before it is too late.


Describes a Richard Ramirez-type serial killer who is being put to death by electric chair.

"The Poltergeist"

Revolves around a ghost hunter who detects a spirit in their home. Fearing the invading ghost is evil, we are left unsure of the ghost's personality. The song ends with the ghost overcoming the hunter, who allows the ghost to "stay forever".


Is about a man suffering a series of terrifying nightmares and encountering she-demons in the form of little girls who take him to what appeared to be a paradise that existed on the opposite side of waterfalls in which they were swimming in. The sleepers finds out the little girls were not what they appeared to be and screams to escape the nightmare.


Tells about a group of cursed children, similar to the 1960 movie Village of the Damned.

"Six Feet Under"

It is an alternate chapter — a cutscene from Conspiracy and references from "Them" telling what would have happened differently if King's mother and his sociopath therapist Doctor Landau had buried him alive in a glass coffin so they (along with his family) could watch him suffer in agony and perish, while his sister Missy kicks dirt in his face, laughing at his pain. His "family" mentioned in the song are: Grandma, King's mother, his sister Missy, his grandfather, etc.

"The Spider's Lullabye"

Focuses on a reclusive man named Harry who is terrified of spiders and, out of desperation, finds a doctor who can cure his arachnophobia.

"Eastmann's Cure"

Is the continuing plot of Harry answering an ad in the local newspaper about a psychiatric hospital that specializes in curing phobias of all kinds. The second character in the song Dr. Eastmann introduces himself to Harry as a kind, friendly physician who hides his true intentions.

"Room 17"

In "Room 17", a confident Harry awaits Dr. Eastmann and his assistant Nurse Needle Dear to begin his treatment and cure. The so-called "treatment" was nothing more than a torture session when Nurse Needle unleashes a wolf spider from the "Crawly Box". The next day, Harry complains of having a weird feeling on his neck, spider bites and intense pain. Dr. Eastmann dismisses Harry's comments and thinks nothing more of it. The same night, when Harry is discovered by staff, they find him long dead and covered from head to toe in a spider web-like cocoon giving evidence that a series of spiders have wrapped him up like a fly, saving his dead body for consumption. Dr. Eastmann comes to the realization that Harry had clearly died of fright (possibly from the result of a heart attack), when Harry (who is now reduced to bones and skin) is taken.

"To the Morgue"

Along with other patients who have died for reasons unknown, spiders begin making their home in his empty eye sockets.

Track listing[edit]

1."From the Other Side"King Diamond3:51
2."Killer"King Diamond, Andy LaRocque4:17
3."The Poltergeist"King Diamond4:29
4."Dreams"King Diamond4:39
5."Moonlight"King Diamond4:32
6."Six Feet Under"King Diamond, Andy LaRocque4:02
7."The Spider's Lullabye"King Diamond3:39
8."Eastmann's Cure"King Diamond4:32
9."Room 17"King Diamond8:17
10."To the Morgue"King Diamond, Andy LaRocque4:57



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