The Spirits of Love

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The Spirits of Love
Genre Romance
Office Politics
Written by Lin Lingling
Directed by Wang Wei
Starring Chen Meifeng
Fon Cin
June Tsai
Jimmy Ni
Wang Shih-hsien
Chiang Tsu-ping
Opening theme 我問天 by Weng Liyou
Ending theme 1. 迷魂香 by Weng Liyou
2.夢醒在三更 by Cai Xiaohu and Zhang Xiuqing
3. 一生的愛 by Long Qianyu
4. 心疼 by Cai Xiaohu
5. 勇敢 by Huang Siting
6. 只愛你一個 by Long Qianyu
7. 不應該愛你 by Cai Xiaohu
Country of origin Taiwan
Original language(s) Hokkien
No. of episodes Taiwan Episodes : 386
Others : 787
Producer(s) Guo Hongliang, Lin Huijun
Running time 105 mins(Episodes 1-59 and 65-176)
130 mins (Episodes 225-385)
90 mins(Episodes 60-64)
120 mins(Episodes 177-224)
60 mins(Finale)
Original network Formosa Television
Original release 28 November 2006 – 21 May 2008 (Mediacorp Channel 8)

The Spirits of Love or Love (Chinese: ; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Ài; literally: "love") is a Taiwanese Hokkien television drama that aired on Formosa Television in Taiwan from 28 November 2006 to 21 May 2008.

The characters in this Taiwan drama serial sacrifice everything for their lovers. The love of kinship, friendship and affection spread outward from them. Love brings not only warmth and sunshine, but also conflict and contradiction.

It stars Chen Meifeng, Wang Shih-hsien (王識賢), Fon Cin, Chiang Tsu-ping, Jimmy Ni (倪齊民), and June Tsai (六月). The show has five theme songs including Wu Bai & China Blue's 1995 hit "Love You Ten Thousand Years" (愛你一萬年).

The show aired in Taiwan every weeknight at prime time (20:00) and had a total of 386 episodes (or 787 episodes for an-hour-per-episode broadcast). It subsequently aired in Malaysia on the Hokkien-language Astro Hua Hee Dai channel from 3.30pm - 4.30pm and an encore at 11.00pm - 12.00am. It started its run on 5 November 2007 and ended its run on 19 October 2010. A Vietnamese dub khi nguoi ta yeu aired on THVL Channel E, streamable on TVBVIP and on YouTube.


The characters in this Taiwan drama serial sacrifice everything for their lovers. The love of kinship, friendship and affection spread outward from them. "Love" brings not only warmth and sunshine, but also conflicts and contradiction.



Actor Role Description
Zhang Mingjie Luo Shihong
Mr Tanaka
Lin Chunhua's ex-husband
Anping and An'an and Anshun's father
Yiting's father-in-law
Li Manna's ex-boyfriend
Cheat Li Manna's money together with Ji Baoluo
Song Yimin Luo Anping Shihong and Lin Chunhua's son
Aunshun and An'an's elder brother
Yiting's husband
Last appeared in episode 241
Ye Jiayu Song Yiting Song Zhenchang's younger daughter
Song Yixin and Song Hongyuan's younger sister
Anping's late wife
Deceased of bone cancer in episode 98
No cast or Uncredited Luo Anshun Shihong and Lin Chunhua's son
An'an's elder brother
Anping's younger brother
June Tsai Luo An'an Shihong and Lin Chunhua's daughter
Anping and Anshun's younger sister
Wang Wenqiang's ex-girlfriend
Went abroad later


Actor Role Description
Chen Meifeng Lin Chunhua Luo Shihong's ex-wife
Shuhua's sister
Anping and An'an's mother
Liu Maoxiong's ex-girlfriend
Yiting's mother-in-law
Nanako's superior
Last appeared episode 211
Fang Xin Lin Shuhua See the Lis.


Actor Role Description
Long Shao-Hua Wang Jinlong Originally named Taibao
Xiao-zhen's father
Wenqiang's foster father
Previously one of Fang Mingyi's men
Gao Yu-Zhen Xiao-zhen Jinlong's daughter
Xi's foster daughter
Had a crush on Wenqiang
Hearing loss in left ear

For Wang Wenqiang, see the Zhangs


Actor Role Description
Ma Rufeng Ma Junfeng Zhang Caiyun's late husband
Yuankai's father
Previously one of Fang Mingyi's men
Later killed by Caiyun
Angus Xie Ma Yuankai Nicknamed 'Kaiwen' (Kevin)
Junfeng and Caiyun's son
Wenqiang's half-brother
Cai Qiaoyin's ex-husband
Had a crush on Xiao-zhen but rejected
Later left her


Actor Role Description
Man-Ning Xi Zhang Caiyun Fang Mingyi and Junfeng's ex-wife
Wenqiang and Yuankai's mother
Later imprisoned for killing Junfeng
Wu Yanjie(younger)
Mike Lee(older)
Wang Wenqiang Jinlong's foster son
Fang Mingyi and Caiyun's biological son
Xiaoyu's classmate
An'an and Kexin's ex-boyfriend
Yuankai's half-brother
Hongyuan's friend
Deceased - drowned episode 347


Actor Role Description
Cui Haoran Song Zhenchang Yixin, Hongyuan and Yiting's father
Shuhua's ex-husband
Congmin's ex-father-in-law
Deceased episode 108 of heart attack
Liao Jiayi Song Yixin Congmin's ex-wife
Zhenchang's first daughter
Hongyuan and Yiting's sister
Zhou Aimei's friend
Later went to USA to study
Fu Zichun Song Hongyuan Song Zhenchang's second son
Yixin's younger brother
Yiting's elder brother
Duoli's husband
Often worries his father
Later realised his mistake
Took over the Songs' career after Zhenchang's death
Qiu Qiwen Duoli Originally named Yang Zhengli
Hongyuan's wife
Zhengjie's sister
Once took drugs
Ye Jiayu Song Yiting See the Luos.


Actor Role Description
Liu Shangqian Liu Maoxiong Lele's father
Chunhua's first love
Against Lele marrying Shixian
Killed episode 205 by Yang Zhengjie
Lin Weijun Liu Lele Maoxiong's daughter
Yang Huai'an and Shixian's ex-girlfriend
Tour guide
Once liked Yang Zhengjie
Deceased episode 230 falling off a cliff in a car


Actor Role Description
Liu Zhihan Yang Zhengjie Duoli's brother
World Hotel's former Accountant and Managing Director
Mingming's ex-husband
Killed Maoxiong and Lele
Last appeared in episode 260
Qiu Qiwen Duoli See the Songs.

Masha's family (United Hotel)[edit]

Actor Role Description
Jiang Qingxia Masha's mother Masha and Amy's mother
Aimei's mother-in-law
Make Congmin change for the better
Lin Yifang Masha Originally named Wu Zhaomei
Aimei's husband
Amy's brother
Ding Guolin Zhou Aimei Song Yixin's friend
Masha's wife
Once cheated Congmin's money
Later worked with Congmin and Mingming
to deal with Yingming
Li Zhiqin Amy Masha's sister
Masha's mother's daughter
Congmin's girlfriend
Once cheated of love and money by Bin


Actor Role Description
Lee Hsing-wen Li Zhonghe Shuhua's husband
Lixue's ex-husband
Baodi's father
Renjie's stepfather
Anping and An'an's uncle
Released from prison together with Anping
Fang Xin Lin Shuhua Chunhua's sister
Anping and An'an's aunt
Zhonghe's wife
Zhenchang's ex-wife
Congmin's ex-girlfriend
Renjie's mother
Baodi's stepmother
Lin Guanyu Li Baodi Zhonghe and Lixue's son
Shuhua's stepson
Shen Jiaxin Li Renjie
Guo Renjie
Congmin and Shuhua's son
Zhonghe's stepson

Hong Shuibo's family[edit]

Actor Role Description
Lei Hong Hong Shuibo Wu Xiuqin's uncle
Wu Jinsheng's brother-in-law
Huixin's husband
Shixian's stepfather
Zhaoyi's godfather
Rivals with Zhou Yingming
Fong-Hua Chiu Fang Huixin Hong's former second wife
Shixian's mother
World Hotel's director
Shuibo's wife
Xiuqin's aunt
Tang Kexin's godmother
Wang Shih-hsien Fang Shixian Huixin's son
Shuibo's stepson
Hong Zhizhong's half-brother
Liu Lele's ex-boyfriend
Hotel Operations Manager
Chairman of the Fishermen's Association
Legislator for Chiayi County
Everyone tried to matchmake him and Tang Zhen but failed
In the end Guo Congmin returned him all hotel shares


Actor Role Description
Jimmy Ni Guo Congmin Nicknamed as 'Handsome Min'
Amy's boyfriend
Song Yixin's ex-husband
Lin Shuhua's ex-boyfriend
Huimin's elder brother
Renjie's father
Goes to USA for treatment in episode 228
Returned to Taiwan in episode 339
Later became the Deputy General Manager of
Paramount Entertainment Group Asia
Attained 50% of World Hotel's shares
In the end returned all shares to Shixian
Zhang Ruihan Guo Huimin Congmin's younger sister
Irontooth's girlfriend
Once cheated of love and money by Bin

Hongs (World Hotel)[edit]

Actor Role Description
Huang Yingxun Hong Zhizhong Zhang Meiqin's son
Xiuying's foster son
Lai Jialing's ex-husband
Xiaoli's husband
Jianzhong's elder brother
Shixian's half-brother
Birthname was Zhou Shijia
Mingwei and Mingchang's father
Former Managing Director of World Hotel
Once a Councillor (Assembly member)
Once captured scene of
Yang Zhengjie killing Liu Maoxiong
Killed in episode 307 by Zhou Yingming
Bing Jiaqi He Xiaoli Zhizhong's wife
Mingchang's mother
Mingwei's stepmother
Once extorted money from Gao Mingcheng
for him to buy Mingchang
Yan Junyi Hong Mingwei Zhizhong and Lai Jialing's son
Deceased - Drowned episode 103 when rescuing schoolmate
Liao Boxiang Hong Mingchang Zhizhong and Xiaoli's son
Chen Yufeng Hong Jianzhong Xiuying's son
Zhaoyi's husband
Xie Mingming's ex-husband and university mate
Zhizhong's adoptive brother
Shixian's half-brother
Angel Han Huang Zhaoyi Nicknamed as 'Joanna' and 'Wawa'
Jianzhong's wife
Wu Jinsheng and Huang Ailing's daughter
Hong Shuibo's goddaughter
Wu Xiuqin's half-sister
Liu Xiuwen Zhang Xiuyang Former chairman of World Hotel
Mother of Hong Jianzhong and Hong Zhizhong

Wus (Former County Council Speaker's family)[edit]

Actor Role Description
Lin Tzay-peir Wu Jinsheng Lai Wuji's father-in-law
Former Speaker of the Chiayi County Council
Xiuqin and Zhaoyi's father
Hong Shuibo's brother-in-law
Huang Ailing's lover
Xie Mingming's co-partner
Cheng Chung Yin Wu Xiuqin See the Lais.
Angel Han-Yu Huang Zhaoyi See the Hongs (World Hotel).


Actor Role Description
Hsu Heng Lai Wuji

Wu Xuiqin's husband
Chairman of Counciler
Lai Jialing elder brother

Uncredited Lai Jialing

Lai Wuji's elder sister
Hong Zhizhong ex - wife
Deceased due to cancer

Cheng Chung Yin Wu Xuqin

Lai Wuji's Wife
Wu Jinsheng's daughter


Actor Role Description
Chiang Tsu-ping Xie Mingming

Hong Jianzhong's ex-wife
Managing Director and General Manager of World Hotel with Yang Zhengjie
In a relationship with Yang Zhengjie and married him
Chased out of World Hotel by Yang Zhengjie
Yang Zhengjie's ex-wife
Was in Prison then released
Tried to burn Wawa to death in a deserted house but in the end burn her face
Cause the death of Wawa's mum
Once worked for Yingming
Married Zhou Yingming and get 50% of World Hotel Shares
Betrayed Zhou Yingming
Return 50% of World Hotel Shares to the Hongs
Kidnapped by Zhou Yingming in episode 383 with her father
Shot by Zhou Yingming and landed in the hospital
Zhou Yingming's wife
Wu Jinsheng's co - partner

Zhang Youming Xie Wunan

Father of Xie Mingming
Restaurant Manager of World Hotel
Kidnapped by Zhou Yingming in episode 383 with Xie Mingming
Got beaten to death by Zhou Yingming men
Deceased at episode 384


Actor Role Description
June Tsai Tang Zhen

Love interest with Fang Shixian

Tang Zhen's family[edit]

Actor Role Description
Uncredited Tang Zhen's father

Tang Zhen's father
Working with Zhou Yingming


Actor Role Description
Ding Li Qi Ding Shimin Decased - finale
Worked for Zhou Yingming
Xiaoyu's Husband
Li Taitai's Son
Jiahe's Father
Wanted by the police after killing several People
Hou Yi-Jun Xiaoyu Had a baby named Ding Jiahe
Jiahe's Mother
Ding Shimin's Wife
Zhang Qin Li Taitai Ding Shimin's Mother
Ding Jiahe's Grandmother
Xiaoyu's Mother In Law

International broadcast[edit]

 Singapore broadcast[edit]

Due to local broadcast laws prohibiting radio or television broadcasts in Chinese dialects, the show was dubbed into Mandarin when it aired on Singapore's MediaCorp Channel 8, thus making it the first channel to broadcast the show in Mandarin. The first episode was aired on 9 November 2008. It was initially aired on weekends at 7 pm, but starting airing on a daily basis on 19 July 2010 when local drama Your Hand In Mine ended its run. However, with the debut of Night Market Life on 27 February 2011 on weekends at 7 pm, the drama became a weekday drama and ended its run on 21 October 2011.

Repeat telecast (2015 & 2016)[edit]

It repeated its run from Monday - Thursday from 10.30 am to 12.30pm and ended its repeat telecast without providing English subtitles , only Chinese subtitles.

The drama has taken over from Night Market Life at the 04:00 SST timeslot without providing English subtitles , only Chinese subtitles , when Night Market Life finishes its repeat telecast.

 Taiwan broadcast[edit]

As of June 2011, the show airs in Taiwan, country of origin of the drama every weeknight at prime time (20:00) with episodes which have ranged in length from 135 to 150 minutes including commercial advertisements. The producers received funding from the Government Information Office to produce the series in high definition. With admiration and some criticism, the show concluded on 19 July 2011, when the brand-new television drama of Formosa Television, Father and Son(Chinese: 父與子), was released.

 Vietnam broadcast[edit]

The Vietnamese dub "Doi Song Cho Dem" was broadcast on Vinh Long Television Station Channel (THVL) (Vietnamese: Truyền Hình Vĩnh Long) and is streamable on YouTube. The show was aired on Vietface TV from 1pm-2:30pm (PT), however, it was fully aired as it was replaced with Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyann. The show is also currently airing on E Channel.

 Malaysia broadcast[edit]

The drama is broadcasting now in 8TV in original Hokkien language under the English title The Spirit of Love for two episodes with one hour each from Monday to Friday, at 11:30 MST and 13:00 MST with a 30 minutes break of its Midday Mandarin News at 12:30 MST.[1]


Theme Song[edit]

Song title Performer
我问天 Went Li You

Sub Theme Songs[edit]

Song title Performer
迷魂香 Weng Liyou
夢醒在三更 Cai Xiaohu and Zhang Xiuqing
一生的愛 Long Qianyu
心疼 Cai Xiaohu
勇敢 Huang Siting
只愛你一個 Long Qianyu
不應該愛你 Cai Xiaohu

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