The Spoony Experiment

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The Spoony Experiment
Spoony Experiment Title Card.jpg
Title screen (2008–2010)
Also known as TSE
Genre Comedy, review
Created by Noah Antwiler
Creative director(s) Noah Antwiler
Starring Noah Antwiler
Theme music composer The Irresponsibles (Opening theme)
Sad Panda (Ending theme)
Opening theme
  • Varies (2007–08)
  • Break Me (2008–present)
Ending theme
  • Varies (2007–11)
  • "Long Live The Spoony One" (2011–present)
Country of origin USA
Original language(s) English
Location(s) Mesa, Arizona, United States (2007-2013)
Aurora, Illinois, United States (2014-present)
Running time Varies
Original network
Picture format FLV, H.264
Original release January 24, 2007 – present
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The Spoony Experiment (TSE) is a website run by Noah Antwiler. The site features a variety of video series produced by Antwiler, including film and video game reviews, Let's Play videos, vlogs, commentaries and riffs. Since 2010, it has also incorporated video game journalism at trade shows such as the Electronic Entertainment Expo.


Antwiler's pseudonym "The Spoony One" or "Spoony" grew as an in-joke among Antwiler's friends, derived from a line in Final Fantasy IV.[2]

From 2008 to 2012, Antwiler was a content producer for Internet media company Channel Awesome, with contributions to its comedy review website That Guy With The Glasses and video game review sub-site, Blistered Thumbs; he left in June 2012.[3] In November 2012 he denied his departure was due to tension with other Channel Awesome producers.[4]


Video game journalist Ben Croshaw mentioned "Noah Antwiler of Spoony Experiment" as his favourite Internet reviewer in a 2008 interview for GameSpot.[5] In 2009, Noah Antwiler won the award for "Funniest Person to Follow" in the Open Web Awards.[6] In 2010, Antwiler was one of the finalists for the "Must-Follow Personality" category of the renamed Mashable Awards but did not win.[7]


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