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TD Garden, home to the Sports Museum of New England

The Sports Museum (also known as The Sports Museum of New England) is a non-profit museum currently located in the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts. The museum was founded in 1977 in nearby Cambridge, Massachusetts before eventually moving to Boston to the Garden, which has been home to Celtics and Bruins for twenty years. The museum's exhibits focus on the history of various sports in the Boston area, including the Boston Bruins, Boston Celtics, Boston Red Sox, New England Patriots, Boston Marathon, New England Revolution, boxing, college sports, and others. The museum features diverse sports memorabilia, curiosities, and life-size sculptures of Bobby Orr, Larry Bird, Carl Yastrzemski and Ted Williams by Rhode Island sculptor Armand LaMontagne. The museum is normally open daily between 10 AM and 4 PM, but may close when an event or game is scheduled in the Garden. It is located on a subway stop.[1]

According to the museum's mission statement: "At The Sports Museum, we celebrate the character of Boston sports -- the unique brand of teamwork, determination, responsibility, courage, fairness, and other qualities of character possessed by our teams and athletes that make Boston "The Greatest Sports City in America." Equally important, we use this distinctly rich heritage to help build character in kids so that they can stand strong in the face of drugs, violence, and other dangers."

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