The Square, Bournemouth

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The Square, Bournemouth
Bournemouth, The Square - - 509151.jpg
The Square, Bournemouth
OwnerBournemouth Borough Council
Postal codeBH2 6EG
Coordinates50°43′13″N 1°52′47″W / 50.72032°N 1.87981°W / 50.72032; -1.87981Coordinates: 50°43′13″N 1°52′47″W / 50.72032°N 1.87981°W / 50.72032; -1.87981

The Square is a public square that marks the centre of Bournemouth, England.

Revamped in 2000
Bournemouth Corporation Tramways tram no 47 in The Square ca. 1910
Leaning tower of Bournemouth. The Square, Bournemouth, was in fact a large roundabout until 4 October 1992


In the 18th century Decoy Pond House stood at the point where a plank was used to cross the Bourne Steam on the track from Poole to Christchurch.

In 1848 composer Hubert Parry was born next door to The Square and is marked with a blue plaque.

In 1925, a tram shelter was built at the center of the Square, with a clock on the top, which was given by Captain HB Norton, a magistrate and former Councillor, which was later turned into a roundabout with the clock being turned into a clock tower until 1997, by this time the clock tower was known as the Leaning tower of Bournemouth. The Obscura café was built in its place and the clock installed at the top of the cafe.[1]

Since 2000 the square has been almost totally pedestrianised.


Present day[edit]

It has many shops, and in the middle is the Obscura café, so called because it incorporates a camera obscura. The latter is no longer in use.

The Square separates the Central Gardens from the Lower Gardens.

The River Bourne flows under the Square.


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