The Squawkin' Hawk

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The Squawkin' Hawk is an American animated cartoon short in the Merrie Melodies series, first released to theatres on 8 October 1942. It was produced by Leon Schlesinger, directed by Chuck Jones, music by Carl Stalling and released to theatres by Warner Bros. Its running time is 6:46 minutes. It marked the debut of Henery Hawk.


Junior wants a chicken for dinner, saying that he is a chicken hawk. His mother insists he eat a worm, or he will get no supper. Junior refuses, much to the worm's relief. Junior's mother puts him to bed and tells him to "go right to sleep". Henery sneaks out his house at bedtime, then goes to the chickenhouse and soon finds a rooster and his hen, Hazel, who has a panic reaction at the sound of the words "chicken hawk". The rooster chases him until his mother spots him and sends him home. He is again told to eat a worm and again refuses and says he wants a "chicken", at which point the worm gives him a big kiss on the beak.

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