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The St. Michael School is a secondary school in Barbados. It stands on Martindales Road in the parish of Saint Michael, Barbados. The school has 800 pupils.

Some of the school's notable alumni include the late Dame Nita Barrow, who was the first and only female (Right Excellent Errol Barrow's sister) governor general of Barbados, and parliamentarian Elizabeth Thompson. The school's headmistress is Yvette Mayers and the deputy is Winston Messiah.

The school's motto is "Nisi Auxilio Dei Nihil," Latin for "Nothing Without Help From God".

Entrance sign

History and achievements[edit]

The school was founded by the St. Michael's Vestry and officially opened on 7 May 1928. It was originally a girls' school. In 1979 the first class of boys were admitted to the school

In 2007, a two-year renovation programme came to an end.

In 2007, a student won a Gold medal at the CARIFTA Games.

In 2008, the school became the only on the island to place three students in one sitting to two campuses of the United World Colleges (the UWC Movement). Two students went to the United World College Costa Rica (Santa Ana, Costa Rica) and one to the United World College-USA (Montezuma, USA). It was the largest placement by a single secondary school in Barbados. However, in 2009, the school did not place any of its students into the UWC Movement. The school has a sixth form.

School structure[edit]

The St. Michael School is divided into four competitive houses, named after queens: Boadicea (blue), Victoria (red), Anne (yellow) and Elizabeth (purple).


The school has a prefect system, under which students help with disciplinary and school matters, run by a head boy and head girl with their deputies, and five senior prefects.

Notable alumni[edit]


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