The Stagg Party

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The Stagg Party
Created by Joe Swanberg
Directed by Joe Swanberg
Starring Ellen Stagg
Country of origin United States
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 10 Episodes Per Season
Running time Approx. 5 minutes
Original network IFC
Original release October 13, 2008
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The Stagg Party is an American television and web series, which airs on the IFC in the United States.

The documentary series follows around commercial and erotic/glamour photographer Ellen Stagg as she photographs her favorite models, prepares her images, and handles her day-to-day life in a field generally reserved for men.[1]

The show is produced and filmed in New York City and LA.


Cast and Crew[edit]

Name Role Description
Ellen Stagg Photographer The documentary series follows her around as she takes and edits photographs.
Joe Swanberg Creator and Director Filmed and edited the series.
Justine Jolie Model A popular model in the adult industry.
Joanna Angel Model Earned fame and adult acclaim by her appearance and founding of
Jelena Jensen Model Been in numerous men's magazines and hosts Playboy's Totally Busted.
Asa Akira Model
Mandy Morbid Model
Madison Young Feminist Creator of the production company Madison Bound Productions and art gallery and performance space Femina Potens.
Charlotte Stokely Adult Performer Started at 18 years old and has been in over 300 videos.
Renne Perez Model and Adult Performer Featured in several men's magazines and 27 films.
Courtney Cruz Model and Performance Artist Active in the fetish community and has been involved with numerous fashion and fetish events.
Shelby Jones aka Belfast Performer and Model Co-founder of The Two Ladies, a company teaching burlesque and sexual education. Produces The Devil's Playground at the Bordello Bar.
Ariel Adult Performer Soft-core performer and special effects makeup artist and aesthetician.
Ryan Keely Model Glamour/Fetish model with the blog, which offers reviews of sex toys.
Zoli Model Featured in many television shows and magazines.


Season 1 (2009)[edit]

# Title original airdate Production code
01 "A Fine Artist" October 13, 2008 (2008-10-13) 101
Ellen shoots model Asa Akira as she talks about the distinction between commercial and erotic work.
02 "Doing it on Camera" N/A 102
Charlotte Stokley models.
03 "Family Portrait" N/A 103
Ellen talks with Joseph, her younger brother, about growing up in Connecticut and about how she includes herself in her own artwork.
04 "Price Points" N/A 104
Shoots founder of, Joanna Angel, and discusses the economic side of putting her images online.
05 "Working From Home" N/A 105
Featuring Ariel and Mandy Morbid, Ellen works from home and discusses the benefits and drawbacks.
06 "Justine" N/A 106
Takes a look at the relationship between photographer and model, and the intricacies of their friendship.
07 "Business By Design" N/A 107
Featuring model Zoli, this episode looks at Ellen's attempts to make money from her photography from a web-based business model.
08 "Retouched" N/A 108
Through digital editing, Ellen talks about intensifying the gaps between reality and fiction.
09 "Boyfriends" N/A 109
Ellen's photography has affected her romantic life, and she discusses this while featuring models Courtney Cruz and Belfast.
10 "Catching Up" N/A 110
Ellen does a calendar shoot for Mischka, a streetwear firm.


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