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The Star was Hong Kong's first tabloid newspaper, founded in 1965 by Graeme Jenkins, an Australian journalist.

Jenkins started out working on national and Melbourne newspapers in Victoria, Australia, but was drafted when World War II broke out. By 1945, he had landed a job as war correspondent for The Argus. He joined Reuters in Hong Kong in 1948. Before founding The Star, he had worked at The Standard also in Hong Kong. He was unashamedly racist, once quipping: "If [the Chinese] can't speak bloody English then they're not worth fucking speaking to."[1]:25,29

After the 1967 riots, Jenkins decided to add a Chinese language edition. The newspaper was printed and published by Consolidated Newspapers Ltd.[citation needed]

In 1968, its editor was Alfred Lee, another Australian journalist, with tabloid experience.[1]:14 English news editor was Martin Warneminde, Chinese news editor Frank Ng Hong-chi, racing editor Vladimir "Vova" Rodney, entertainment editor Anders Nelsson, chief sub-editor Australian David Norgaard; reporters included New Zealander Kevin Sinclair, Geoffrey Hawthorne (later to be news editor of Truth),[2] Henry Parwani,[3] Geoffrey V Somers (yet another Australian), Alberto da Cruz, Canadian Osmond J Turner and Albert Cheng, with photographer Solomon Yung.[1]:16,18-20,24,98 Others to later work for the newspaper include reporters San (Women's page), Kenneth Ko, Christine Chow, Christina Xu (who later worked for the South China Morning Post) and photographers Norman Lam, Norman Lau and Thomas Chan.[citation needed]

When the newspaper was closed in 1984, 120 employees lost their jobs virtually overnight. The news came as a shock because the newspaper had increased its readership in the years before the closing.[4]


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