The State Counsellor

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The State Counsellor
The state counsellor by boris akunin.jpg
Russian edition
AuthorBoris Akunin
Original titleСтатский советник
TranslatorAndrew Bromfield
GenreHistorical detective
2008 Weidenfeld & Nicolson (Eng. trans.)
Media typePrint (Hardback)
Preceded bySpecial Assignments 
Followed byThe Coronation 

The State Counsellor (Russian: Статский советник, the 5th grade in the Table of Ranks of Imperial Russia) is the sixth novel in the Erast Fandorin historical detective series by Boris Akunin. It is subtitled "political detective mystery" (Russian: политический детектив). The State Counsellor was originally published in Russia in 2000. The English translation was published in January 2008.


Moscow, 1891. Disguised as Fandorin, the leader of a revolutionary organization attempts to murder the governor of Moscow. Fandorin has to catch him to prove his innocence. He is assisted (or is it hindered?) in his investigations by Prince Pozharsky, a fictional descendant of Dmitry Pozharsky, who helped bring the Time of Troubles to an end.

Film, TV or theatrical adaptations[edit]

In 2005, The State Counsellor was turned into a film starring Oleg Menshikov as Fandorin and Nikita Mikhalkov as Prince Pozharsky. The two-hour theatrical release was then expanded into a 3​12 hour version which was shown on Russian television. It was one of the most expensive Russian films ever made.[1]


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