The Statement (novel)

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The Statement
First UK edition (publ. Bloomsbury)
Author Brian Moore
Publisher Bloomsbury
Publication date

The Statement (1995) is a thriller novel by Northern Irish-Canadian writer Brian Moore. Set in the south of France and Paris in the early 1990s, The Statement is the tale of Pierre Brossard, a former officer in the pro-Fascist militia which served Vichy France, and a murderer of Jews.

Plot summary[edit]

Now 70 years old, Brossard has spent the better part of his life in hiding, traveling among the monasteries and abbeys that offer him asylum. Though he has evaded capture for decades with the help of the French government and the Catholic Church, now a new breed of government officials is determined to break decades of silence and expose and expiate the crimes of Vichy.


The Statement is inspired by Paul Touvier, a French Nazi collaborator who was arrested for war crimes in 1989. After his arrest, charges appeared in the media alleging that Touvier had been protected by the Roman Catholic Church and government officials.

Film adaptation[edit]

The novel was adapted into a 2003 film directed by Norman Jewison. Michael Caine appeared as Pierre Brossard, a character inspired by Touvier.