The Sting (1992 film)

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The Sting
DVD cover
Traditional 俠聖
Simplified 侠圣
Mandarin Xiá Shèng
Cantonese Hap6 Sing3
Directed by Nico Wong
Produced by Billy Chan
Written by Johnny Lee
Lee Ying-kit
Starring Andy Lau
Rosamund Kwan
Simon Lui
Bowie Lam
Music by Lee Hon-kam
Marco Wan
Cinematography Louis Yuen
Lee San-yip
Edited by Chan Kei-hop
Wong's Film Company
Distributed by Regal Films Distribution
Release date
  • 19 November 1992 (1992-11-19)
Running time
92 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese
Box office HK$6,660,687

The Sting is a 1992 Hong Kong action comedy film directed by Nico Wong and starring Andy Lau, Rosamund Kwan, Simon Lui and Bowie Lam.


Simon Tam (Andy Lau) is a righteous private detective who is working for free for 3 years and 8 months due to his superstitious mentor. Simon has worked for 3 years 7 months and 28 days for free by now. On the second to last day, his assistant Joe (Simon Lui) accepts a case involving missing money for HK$1,000,000 advance down payment. The next day, the client mysteriously died and Simon decides to find the money for the client's wife, Yvonne (Rosamund Kwan). The money turns out to be HK$10,000,000,000 of triad money and both Simon and the triads chase after the money.


  • Andy Lau as Simon Tam
  • Rosamund Kwan as Yvonne
  • Simon Lui as Joe
  • Bowie Lam as Inspector Michael Lee
  • Chin Ho
  • Shing Fui-On
  • Wai Kei-shun
  • Lo Hung
  • Pau Fong as Simon's mentor
  • Henry Fong
  • Michael Dinga
  • Mandy Chan as bald killer
  • Tsang Kan-wing as Tsang
  • Hon Ping
  • Leung Biu-ching
  • Raymond Tsang
  • Bill Lung as Biu
  • Tse Wai-kit as triad member
  • Chun Kwai-po as monk
  • Chow Kam-kong
  • Chan Sek
  • Ng Kwok-kin as policeman
  • Jacky Cheung Chun-hung
  • Wong Chi-keung
  • Choi Kwok-keung as granny assassin
  • So Wai-nam
  • Lam Kwok-kit
  • Leung Kei-hei as thug
  • Lee Chuen-hau as thug
  • Lui Siu-ming
  • Huang Kai-sen

Box office[edit]

The film grossed HK$6,660,687 at the Hong Kong box office during its theatrical run from 19 November to 2 December 1992 in Hong Kong.

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