The Stitches

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Not to be confused with the New York City punk band of the same name
The Stitches
OriginCalifornia Orange County, California
GenresPunk rock
Years active1994 (1994) - present
MembersMike Lohrman
Johnny Witmer
Pete Archer
Craig Barker
Jim Kaa
Past membersJohnny Sleeper
Logan Graham
Eddie Gaxiola

The Stitches is a 1970s-style punk rock band formed in 1994 in Orange County, California. The Stitches record on independent labels such as Disaster, Gold Standard Laboratories, Vinyl Dog, Suburbia, TKO, and Kapow.

Current band members are Mike Lohrman on vocals, Johnny Witmer on guitar, Pete Archer on bass, Jim Kaa on guitar and Craig Barker on drums. Former members include drummer Johnny Sleeper and guitarist Logan Graham.

In 2008, Witmer co-founded The Crazy Squeeze with Sleeper, Graham and Tara Belle of Long Beach-based Ciril.



  • 8x12 (1995)
  • 12 Imaginary Inches (2002)
  • You Better Shut Up and Listen (Live Album on Picture Disc)(2002)
  • Live @ Der Weinerschnitzel 2003 DVD (2010)
  • Unzip My Baby...All 7 inches (collection of all 7"s on 1 LP) (Wanda Records- 2013)



  • "V/A You Know It's a Product..." (1994)
  • "Sixteen" / "Something New" (1994)
  • "Two New Cuts" (1995)
  • "Sixteen" / "Heaven" (1995)
  • "Talk Sick" (1997)
  • "2nd Chance" (1997)
  • "Living' at 110" (1997)
  • "You Tear Me Out" (1997)
  • "Cars of Today" split w/Le Shok (1999)
  • "Automatic" (2002)
  • "Monday Morning Ornaments" (2010)
  • "Split w/ The Gaggers" (2013)
  • "Split w/ Miscalculations" (2014)


  • It Smells Like Spring (1997)
  • Old Skars And Upstarts (1998) (includes "Livin’ At 110")
  • Viva la Vinyl Vol. No. 3 (1999) (includes "I Just Wanna Fuck")
  • A Fistful Of Rock-N-Roll Vol. No. 3 (2000) (includes "My Baby Hates Me")
  • Punch Drunk III (2001) (includes "Cars Of Today")
  • Old Skars And Upstarts 2001 (2001) (includes "Pick Me Up")
  • Old Skars And Upstarts 2002 (2002) (includes "Electroshock Carol")
  • The L.A. Shakedown (2003) (includes "Automatic")
  • Punch Drunk V (includes "Better Looks (When You're Dead)") (2004)
  • A Tale Of Rotten Orange (2010) (includes "Monday Morning Ornaments")

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