The Stolen Jools

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The Stolen Jools
George E. Stone.gif
George E. Stone in The Stolen Jools
Directed by William C. McGann
Produced by Pat Casey
Written by Edwin J. Burke (uncredited)
Percy Heath (uncredited)
Starring Buster Keaton
Edward G. Robinson
Joan Crawford
Fay Wray
Gary Cooper
Distributed by Paramount Pictures
Release date
  • April 4, 1931 (1931-04-04)
Running time
20 minutes
Country United States
Language English

The Stolen Jools (1931) is a short comedy film produced by the Masquers Club of Hollywood, featuring many cameo appearances by film stars of the day. The stars appeared in the film, distributed by Paramount Pictures, to raise funds for the National Vaudeville Artists Tuberculosis Sanitarium. The UCLA Film and Television Archive entry for this film says—as do the credits—that the film was co-sponsored by Chesterfield cigarettes to support the "fine work" of the NVA sanitarium.

When the film was shown in theaters in 1931, a person would appear after the film to ask the audience for donations. Because the film was made for charity, it has an unusually large cast of actors from various studios in addition to Paramount, such as Warner Bros., RKO, MGM, and Hal Roach Studios.

This film was retitled The Slippery Pearls in the United Kingdom. It was thought to have been lost until a print was found in the UK in the 1990s. Another print was later found in the US under the alternative title.


At the "Screen Stars Annual Ball", Norma Shearer's jewels are stolen. The police must find them and return them to her.

Cast, as listed in end credits[edit]

At the Police Station
The Law
At the Victim’s House
On the Porch Swing
At Breakfast
In the Hotel
At Lunch
In the Movie Studio
The Newsmen
The Detective
Under the Tree
Couples at Home
In a Movie Scene
The Midget

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