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The Stolen Years (2013 film)

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The Stolen Years
Film Poster
Directed byWong Chun-chun
StarringBai Baihe
Joseph Chang
Christine Fan
Music byHenry Lai
Release date
  • August 29, 2013 (2013-08-29)
LanguageChinese Mandarin
Box office$23,840,000[1]

The Stolen Years (Chinese: 被偷走的那五年; pinyin: Bèi tōu zǒu dì nà wǔ nián) is a 2013 romance and dramatic film directed by Wong Chun-chun and starring Bai Baihe, Joseph Chang and Christine Fan.[2]


He-Mann (Bai Baihe) lost her memories five years ago when she had an accident. When she finally woke up, she could not understand why she and her husband had divorced, why her best friend is now her enemy, or why colleagues all avoided and tried to stay away from her. In order to learn about her past, she starts on her search of her lost memories with the help of her ex-husband. But as they discover more, they then realise.


Critical reception[edit]

Andrew Chan of the Film Critics Circle of Australia writes, "While it does not feel as realistic as say her best works (“Break Up Club”), this is an easy film to take as it engages without being pretentious and emotes without extravagance."[3]


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