The Stone Flower Fountain

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The Stone Flower Fountain

The Stone Flower Fountain (Russian: Фонтан «Каменный цветок», tr. Fontan Kamennyj tsvetok) stands in the so-called "Industrial Square" of the Exhibition of Economic Achievements (VDNH) in Moscow, Russia. It was named and designed after the eponymous flower from Pavel Bazhov's fairy-tale "The Stone Flower".

The Stone Flower Fountain was built in 1954. It was designed by the architect Konstantin Topuridze and carved by Prokopy Dobrynin.[1] The fountain was decorated with figures of birds, fruit and ears. Some sculpted details fountain created were carved by the sculptors V. Ryleyeva and Alexandrova-Roslavleva, and the mosaics works were done in the workshop of the Soviet Academy of Arts. It was the first light and musical fountain in the USSR.[2] The music for it was created by Dmitri Shostakovich. It was positioned right in the front of the Ukrainian pavilion.[3]

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