The Stone Giants

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The Stone Giants 2015
The Stone Giants
Background information
Origin Macomb, Illinois
  • Rock
  • Pop
Years active 1992–present
Record Label Redlight Records
Website The Stone Giants
    Jordan Egler
    Ken Becker
    Kortney Leatherwood
    Mike Smith
Past members
    Ahmer Nizam
    Alton J. Duderstadt
    Anthony Gravino
    Bill Thomas
    Chris Mietus
    Jeff Baars
    Rik Thomas
    Stan Maddox

The Stone Giants are an American rock band from Central Illinois formed by Jordan Egler in 1992. The initial lineup was short-lived and consisted of Jordan Egler (guitar, vocals). Brothers Bill and Rik Thomas (guitar, vocals), Jeff Baars (drums) and Chris Mietus (bass). Their debut performance was an Earth Day celebration on Wednesday, Apr 22, 1992. A second, more stable lineup consisted of Jordan Egler, Kortney Leatherwood (bass, vocals) and Ahmer Nizam (drums). Leatherwood began singing much of the bands material and quickly became a principal songwriter along with Egler. They debuted the three-piece lineup in Macomb in June 1994.[1] An EP "KAJ" was recorded in October 1996. Nizam was replaced on drums by Alton Duderstadt III in early 1997 and the new trio quickly recorded another EP "Big Rocks" in April before adding a second guitar with Anthony Gravino later that same year.

In 1998 Mike Smith replaced Duderstadt on drums. In 1999 Egler went to Austin, Texas briefly to tour with musician Billy Eli. He would also appear on Eli's album "Something's going On" released by Errant Music.[2] When Egler returned in 2001, Ken Becker replaced Gravino on guitar and they played as a four-piece before adding Stan Maddox (Percussion, keyboards, vocals) in 2002. Collaborating with Grammy Award winner Harry Brotman,[3] They recorded a 17 track album "...and They Roamed the Earth" on Egler's Redlight Records label and released it in 2005.[4] Maddox left the band in 2007 and the remaining members recorded and released another full-length album "IV" in 2008.

In 2009, Leatherwood left the Giants to front a successful cover band Kung Fu Dynamite in Springfield, before disbanding that in 2014.[5] Meanwhile, Egler had begun playing in a lucrative country cover band Jerad Harness & Blackgrass[6] before splitting that in 2013. In June 2014, Egler was commissioned to write the theme music for the television show "Spurchaser"[7] which appeared on The Pursuit Channel[8]. In October 2014 Egler and Leatherwood agreed to convene with Smith and Becker to begin rehearsals for a new tour and album. The four-piece of Becker, Egler, Leatherwood and Smith, remain the current lineup as of this writing. The Stone Giants continue to tour and their LP "Not Afraid of Heights" is recorded and scheduled for release in 2016.


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