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The Suffolk Journal
TypeWeekly newspaper
PublisherTurley Publications
EditorHaley Clegg
Managing editorsOpen Position
Founded1936 (1936)
Political alignmentNonpartisan
Headquarters8 Ashburton Pl, Boston, Massachusetts 02108

The Suffolk Journal is the undergraduate student newspaper of Suffolk University since 1936. The Journal prints a 12-page weekly newspaper, distributed across campus and Beacon Hill.

The Journal is currently located in the Sawyer building on Ashburton Place close to the Massachusetts State House. Previously, the office was located on the fifth floor of the Donahue building on Temple Street. Students across different majors help to put the paper together every week. Students are encouraged to send in their articles or opinion pieces.

Managed and produced entirely by undergraduate students, the Journal is committed to providing the best news coverage, both on and off campus, entertainment and sports stories, editorials and reviews.[1]

There are five sections of the paper: News is first and foremost, followed by World News, Arts & Culture, Opinion and Sports. The Journal is a member of the Associated Collegiate Press and has won multiple ACP awards through the years, including the Newspaper and Online Pacemaker awards. In March 2017, The Suffolk Journal was recognized by "Second Best Newspaper" in the country by the College Media Association in New York, New York at the annual conference in Times Square. The paper has also been recognized for its work by Suffolk's Student Government Association, winning awards such as Outstanding Student Organization. Staff members gain valuable experience in reporting, Associated Press style, copy editing, leadership, photography, page design, layout, production, business management, advertising, graphic design and public relations.[2]

-Staff include for the 2017-2018 academic year[3]:

Editor-in-Chief: Haley Clegg

Business Manager: O

News Editor: Kaitlin Hahn and Kyle Crozier

World News Editor: Amy Kozcera

Assistant World News Editor: Amy Kozcera

Arts & Culture Editor: Ryan Arel

Opinion Editor: Patrick Holmes

Sports Editor: Hannah Aroyyo

Asst. Sports Editor: Sean Cushing

Photo Editor: Mitch Bruehwiler

Awards & Honors[edit]

College Media Association

  • Best Newspaper, Small School, Second Place – 2017

Associated Collegiate Press

  • Best of Show, Small School Website, Tenth Place – 2015
  • Best of Show, Small School Website, Ninth Place – 2014
  • Best of Show, Small School Website, Tenth Place – 2013
  • Online Pacemaker, Small School, Winner – 2011
  • Online Pacemaker, Small School, Nominee – 2010
  • Best of Show, Small School Website, Third Place – 2010
  • National Newspaper Pacemaker Award – 1999-2000
  • All American – 1976-1977 – First Semester
  • First Class 1977-1978 – First Semester
  • First Class 1978-1979 – First Semester
  • First Class 1978-1979 – Second Semester
  • First Class 1979-1980 – First Semester
  • First Class 1979-1980 – Second Semester

Suffolk University

  • Outstanding Student Organization of the Year, Nominee – 2010
  • Most Improved Organization of the Year, Nominee – 2010
  • International Students Association Citation – 1977-1978
  • Outstanding Student Organization – 1975-1976
  • Outstanding Student Organization – 1998-1999
  • Outstanding Student Organization – 1999-2000
  • Outstanding Student Organization – 2000-2001

The Columbia Scholastic Press

  • First Place Certificate – 1980

The Society of Professional Journalists

  • Mark of Excellence – 1976
  • Mark of Excellence – 1978


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