The Sun Eats Hours

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The Sun Eats Hours
OriginVicenza, Italy
GenresMelodic Hardcore, Alternative Rock, Christian Rock, Punk Rock
Years active1997–2008
The Sun 2008 - present
LabelsRude Records, Sony Music
MembersFrancesco "The President" Lorenzi- guitar/vocals
Riccardo "Ricky/Trash" Rossi- Drums
Matteo "Lemma" Reghelin – bass
Gianluca "Boston" Menegozzo – guitar

The Sun Eats Hours are a melodic hardcore band from Vicenza, Italy, that formed in 1997.

Their breakout album came in September 2000, called Don't Waste Time. Prior to this release they were well regarded among melodic hardcore fans, thanks in part to a successful demo released a year earlier and several concerts played around Northern Italy and Switzerland. Don't Waste Time also brought the band to support world-famous bands such as The Offspring, Pennywise, AFI and NOFX.

Their follow-up album was Will released in 2002 under Agitato Records and re-printed by Rude Records in 2003 under the name Tour All Over. The re-release included a different booklet and 3 new tracks. The hidden tracks of Don't Waste Time and Tour All Over are sung by former member Andrea "Byron The Huge" Barone.
In 2004, the Sun Eats Hours supported The Offspring during their European Splinter tour.

In September 2005, the band released The Last Ones, widely regarded as their best album so far. The release includes the singles Endless Desire and The Day I Die and was followed by a tour that brought the band throughout Europe, with several gigs in Spain, and Japan. The hidden track in the CD contains a live recording in Lyon, France of the song The Same Devils from Don't Waste Time.

In the summer of 2006 the band re-entered the studio to record Metal Addiction, a split-CD with famous Japanese punk-band Nicotine. The album was released on 15 November 2006, for Rude Records and contains 6 tracks per band, in which they cover famous heavy metal hits of the past, such as Mötley Crüe's "Kickstart My Heart" and The Cult's "Rain".

In 2008 the members of the band met Christianity and change the name of the band in "The Sun". In 2010 they signed with Sony Music Entertainment and released Spiriti del sole, their first album with Italian Lyrics. In 2012 they issued Luce and in 2015 Cuore aperto


  • Don't Waste Time – Agitato Records – (2000)
  • Will – Agitato Records – (2002)
  • Tour All Over – Rude Records – (2003)
  • Don't Waste Time Re-Issue – Agitato Records – (2005)
  • Endless Desire (Single) – Agitato Records – (2005)
  • The Last Ones (Japanese Version) – Rude Records – (2005)
  • The Last Ones – Rude Records – (2005)
  • Metal Addiction – Rude Records – (2006)
  • Metal Addiction (Japanese Version) – Rude Records – (2006)
  • Ten Years DVD+CD – Rude Records (2008)
  • Ten Years DVD+CD (Japanese Version) – Rude Records (2008)
  • Spiriti del Sole – Sony Music (2010) (The Sun)
  • Luce – Sony Music (2012) (The Sun)
  • Cuore Aperto – (2015) (The Sun)

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