The Sunday Child

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De Zondagsjongen
Directed by Pieter Verhoeff
Written by Jan Bosdriesz (writer), Cherry Duyns (novel)
Starring Rik Van Uffelen
Tom Van Hezik
Magdalena Ritter
Release date
24 January 1992
Running time
95 minutes
Country Netherlands
Language Dutch

The Sunday Child or De Zondagsjongen is a 1992 Dutch film directed by Pieter Verhoeff. Filming of Cherry Duyns' debut novel about the life of one in 1944 from a German-born Dutch boy. It is June 1988. On the way to his family in Germany is confronted the man in the train with football fans who will attend the match Netherlands-Germany for the European football championships. The revival of anti-German sentiments reminiscent of his youth. Sunday is a boy with flashbacks larded film about loyalty, love, betrayal and liberation.


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