The Sundering

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UK front cover
For the fictional Dungeons & Dragons event, see The Sundering (Dungeons & Dragons).

The Sundering is a science fiction novel by Walter Jon Williams. Published in 2004, it is the second novel in Dread Empire's Fall series.

The novel is of the space opera subgenre and revolves around interstellar battles and the relationship between two humans, a male naval officer and a female pilot.

The first novel of the series, The Praxis, deals with the end of the empire of the Shaa, an alien race that has subjected humans and others and ruled the universe for thousands of years. The end of the empire brings chaos and war, as an insectoid race, the Naxid, battle humans for control of the empire.

In The Sundering, navy officer Gareth Martinez and pilot Caroline Sula emerge as heroes and lovers.