The Sundowners (series)

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The Sundowners novels are a series of Western fiction novels with a steampunk twist by author James Swallow.

Set in the Old West of the late 1880s, the novels follow the adventures of gunslinger Gabriel Tyler and Native American shaman Jonathan Fivehawk as they fight the plans of Robur Drache, an insane genius in the thrall of an ancient evil known as The Faceless.


Ghost Town[edit]

Tyler and Fivehawk meet for the first time on the road to the town of Stonetree.


The two heroes track Drache to a mining camp in the wilderness.

Iron Dragon[edit]

The secrets of Drache's Black Train are revealed as Tyler and Fivehawk join forces with Chinese adventurer Yu Lim.


The final confrontation with The Faceless takes place on the desolate prairies.

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