The Superior Spider-Man

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The Superior Spider-Man
Cover of The Superior Spider-Man #1 (January 2013). Art by Ryan Stegman.
Publication information
PublisherMarvel Comics
FormatLimited series
Publication dateJanuary 2013 – August 2014
No. of issues33
Creative team
Created byDan Slott
Ryan Stegman
Written byDan Slott
Artist(s)Ryan Stegman
Humberto Ramos
Giuseppe Camuncoli

The Superior Spider-Man was a superhero comic book series that was published by Marvel Comics that ran between January 2013 and June 2014. The series was written by Dan Slott with artwork by Ryan Stegman, Humberto Ramos, and Giuseppe Camuncoli. It features Otto Octavius who has taken over Peter Parker's body and allowed Peter to die in Octavius's body, but is reformed by being affected by Peter's memories, and becomes determined to be a better Spider-Man than Peter ever was, and a better man than Octavius. The title replaced the long running series The Amazing Spider-Man, after the conclusion of the "Dying Wish" storyline, as the core Spider-Man book. The Superior Spider-Man also crosses over into other Spider-Man titles such as Avenging Spider-Man and its superseding title Superior Spider-Man Team-Up, as well as many other Marvel titles. The series ended with issue 31, which determined the fate of Otto's mind, and was followed by the next volume of The Amazing Spider-Man, in which Peter has regained his body and the Spider-Man mantle.

In May 2014, it was announced that the series would return for two additional issues (32 and 33) that fill a gap left by an earlier storyline, as well as lead into the "Spider-Verse" storyline. They were released in August 2014.[1]

In July 2018, a new one-shot The Superior Octopus was announced. It will serve as a continuation of the history of Otto Octavius after the events of "Go Down Swinging", and also serves as a tie-in to the "Spider-Geddon" storyline.

In 2018, a new volume of The Superior Spider-Man will debut also as part the "Spider-Geddon" storyline.[2]

Publication history[edit]

Marvel Comics first teased the announcement of The Superior Spider-Man in September 2012 by releasing an image of the word Superior without the creative team.[3] A short time before the NYCC 2012 Marvel released a new Superior teaser, this time with the creative team of Dan Slott, Ryan Stegman, Humberto Ramos and Giuseppe Camuncoli.[4] A week later a new Spider-Man centric title was announced called The Superior Spider-Man.[5] In 2018, it was announced that Otto would return in December 2018 in his Superior Spider-Man avatar once again in a series written by Christos Gage and illustrated by Mike Hawthorne.[6]

Plot summary[edit]

"My Own Worst Enemy"[edit]

After the death of Peter Parker at the climax of the "Dying Wish" storyline in Amazing Spider-Man #700, Doctor Octopus has implanted his mind into Peter Parker's body, determined to prove himself the "Superior" Spider-Man by being both a better superhero and person than Parker ever could be. Octavius earns public acclaim when he defeats the Sinister Six. Unbeknownst to Otto, he is subconsciously held back by Parker's consciousness which still exists within his body, buried underneath Octavius's own, intent on stopping the villain and reclaiming his life. Peter proves unable to influence Octavius in any more than the slightest of ways. Otto inadvertently causes himself to share Peter's genuine love for Mary Jane Watson, and so pushes her away for her own safety.[7]

When his old Sinister Six teammate Vulture resurfaces, Octavius attempts to convince his old friend to give up crime. Upon the discovery that Vulture employs children as henchmen Otto brutally takes the Vulture down, blinding him in the process. Vulture's remaining henchmen are taken in by the Green Goblin.[8] With his merciless reputation growing, Octavius focuses on increased efficiency, developing thousands of "Spider-Bots" that patrol the city for him while returning to college as Parker to complete his doctorate, in turn growing close to his tutor Anna Maria Marconi.[9] Otto locates escaped killer Massacre, whom he then executes publicly to prevent further murders.[10]

"A Troubled Mind"[edit]

His decision to execute Massacre sits ill with his teammates in the Avengers and they bring him in for questioning after a brutal beating of pranksters Jester and Screwball.[11] The Avengers' tests fail to expose Octavius's mind-swap.[12] Otto uses a brain scanner to treat a young girl's brain injury, then uses the device on himself to discover Parker's presence within his mind.[13] A mental battle ensues between himself and Parker. Octavius defeats Parker, then seemingly eliminates Peter by erasing Peter's memories.[14]

Police Captain Yuri Watanabe questions the officers present during the Massacre killing. An autopsy reveals Massacre was unable to fire a gun and was shot point blank, confirming Yuri's suspicions. The Green Goblin hacks the Spider-Bots tech to allow his followers to bypass detection. Former Vulture henchmen torch Mary Jane's nightclub in revenge for an earlier failed attempt. Mary Jane believes Peter will come to rescue her, but is saved by local firemen. Otto becomes closer with Anna Maria Marconi. The Green Goblin declares himself the Goblin "King", as his army grows.[15]

"No Escape"[edit]

Spider-Man is asked to supervise the execution of Alistair Smythe. As the execution begins, mini Spider-Slayers allow Smythe to attempt escape. Jameson tells Spider-Man to ensure that Smythe dies by any means necessary. Otto predicts Smythe's every escape attempt and eventually fatally stabs Smythe. Smythe attempts to transfer his mind into Spider-Man, but Otto also planned for this possibility. Later, Spider-Man uses a recording of Jameson's kill-order to blackmail Jameson. Otto then assaults Shadowland, the domain of Kingpin and the new Hobgoblin, with his arach-naught tanks and army of Spiderling minions. Kingpin flees and frames his death with a body double named Smedley. The Green Goblin's soldiers rejoice in the fact their boss now owns over half of New York's organized crime.[16] Tiberius Stone sabotages the Hobgoblin, ruining him. Spider-Man publicly reveals Phil Urich as the new Hobgoblin. Phil realizes that he has nowhere to run and takes Norah Winters hostage.[17] Spider-Man arrives at the Daily Bugle and defeats Urich. Phil Urich is later freed by Menace and brought to Green Goblin, then given new armor and the title "Goblin Knight".[18]

"Necessary Evil"[edit]

In the year 2099, Miguel O'Hara is surprised by the appearance of dinosaurs and World War I biplanes. Alchemax sends Spider-Man 2099 back to stop it. Otto in the present attacks Tiberius Stone, but is stopped by Spider-Man 2099.[19] Grady uses the Time Gate to see the day of the Alpha Incident. He returns to find them surrounded by explosive chronal energy.[20] Otto accesses Peter's memories, to try to stop the time explosion. This causes Peter's consciousness to re-emerge. Tyler Stone destroys his time machine in the future, stranding Spider-Man 2099. Carlie discovers that Spider-Man's funds comes from a secret account.[21] Spider-Man heads for a date with Anna Maria only to meet the Black Cat. Spider-Man punches her and webs her for the police. Peter/Otto starts Parker Industries. At ESU, Professor Lamaze accuses Peter of (ironically) plagiarizing Otto Octavius. Angelina Brancale, Otto's former girlfriend, learns Otto Octavius is dead. She restarts her VR power suit and becomes Stunner again.[22] Stunner attacks the Bugle. Otto shuts down her VR interface and takes it back to his base. When she awakes, Otto appears holographically as his old self, and tells her he has moved on. Lamaze drops his accusations after also being visited by Otto. Carlie Cooper & Wraith learn Spider-Man is getting money from Otto Octavius' bank account. Carlie believes their minds have swapped, but she is kidnapped and brought to the Goblin King.[23]

"Superior Venom"[edit]

Flash Thompson (Agent Venom) returns to New York.[24] Flash confronts Crime Master, but Otto intervenes. Crime Master is just a common criminal who has purchased the costume from Hobgoblin. Otto then turns on Flash. Flash flees to a hospital, before going to meet Peter Parker. "Peter" invites him in.[25] Otto gleans knowledge about Flash's relationship with Peter during the visit. Otto asks Flash to come to Parker Industries, under the guise of giving him prosthetic legs. Flash doesn't realize Otto intends to remove the symbiote. At the lab the symbiote attaches itself to Otto.[26] The symbiote soon tries to flee back to Flash, but Otto gains control. Superior Venom dispatches criminality more ruthlessly than ever before. Iron Man carries Flash to confront Superior Venom. Superior Venom is ambushed by Flash in Iron Man armor. During the mental struggle between the symbiote and Otto, Peter's consciousness separates Otto from the symbiote, letting it to re-bond with Flash.[27] When the Avengers confront Spider-Man about his brutality, Otto lies by saying the symbiote was in control over the past months. Otto quits the Avengers. Meanwhile, Green Goblin sprays Carlie Cooper with goblin serum and transforms her into "Monster".[28] Green Goblin and Hobgoblin fight for control over NYC. Hobgoblin is killed, but Phil Ulrich discovers that it was a body double.[29]

"Goblin Nation"[edit]

The Goblin King lures the Superior Spider-Man to his hideout, revealing that he knows Otto is inhabiting Spider-Man's body. He offers Octavius a truce if Otto submits to him. Otto refuses. The Goblin attacks and destroy his Spider-Base. Otto and Living Brain barely escape.[30] Goblin goes after all of Parker's associates, but Mary Jane has been prepared with an evacuation plan, rescues Aunt May, and warns everybody. Only Anna Maria is kidnapped. Monster/Carlie Cooper reveals that she is partially in control and offers herself as a test subject to create a cure for the Goblin Serum.[31] Goblin destroys everything Otto created/saved to build his new legacy: his childhood home, the research center where he created his arms, the "BoneYard" where all his paraphernalia is held, the soda factory where he did his first heroic act, and the HEART Clinic.[32] To make things worse, J. Jonah Jameson releases an army of Spider-Slayers built by Alchemax, but they are hacked by Green Goblin. Spider-Man 2099 comes to help, but Otto abandons him to save Anna Maria. After hesitating about whether to save a young girl, Amy Chen (whom Otto had helped via brain surgery), or go after Goblin, Otto realizes that saving Anna Maria is beyond him, and allows Peter Parker to take back control of his body.[33] Parker helps O'Hara and cures Menace with the anti-Goblin serum. During his fight with Green Goblin he loses the last serum, before removing the Goblin King's mask, revealing him to be Alchemax associate Mason Banks. However, he confirms he is indeed Norman Osborn, having undergone plastic surgery to move undetected, allowing him build the Goblin Nation, hijack Octavius' security network, and secretly having secured Alchemax to be inherited by his grandson, Normie. Without his mask, the spider-bots recognize Osborn as a threat and administer the goblin anti-serum. He escapes and vows revenge, proclaiming that "they'll never see [him] coming". Tiberius Stone reobtains and intends to sell the Spider-Slayers on the black market. Jameson then resigns as mayor of NYC.[34]

Concurrent/related titles[edit]


During the time Superior Spider-Man was missing after the Horizon Lab explosion,[35] he was teleported to 2099, where he used the future technology to find a way back, but instead discovers the existence of the Inheritors.[36] He recruits the help of other "Spider-Men", in order to fight back.[37] After his transportation, the Superior Spider-Man believed he was encountering a prior version of Peter Parker as Spider-Man, as opposed to a future version since he believed he had defeated Parker permanently. After the defeat of the Inheritors, Superior Spider-Man returns to his spot in the Earth-616 timeline but has no recollection of the Spider-Verse events.[38]

Dead No More: Clone Conspiracy[edit]

It is later revealed that Otto had used the technology acquired in 2099 to make a copy of his consciousness right before being sent back, and stored the copy in his gauntlets and programmed it activate in 100 days. When the gauntlets reactivated the duplicate made an octobot body out of the gauntlets. This duplicate would initially plan to take control of Peter's body, while hiding inside the Living Brain. However after learning that his original self sacrificed himself and willingly gave Peter his body back, Otto (due to his massive ego and lack of his former self's final memories) believes that Peter's body corrupted his original self's personality and instead decided to get a new body modeled after his own physique, after causing the Living Brain to self-destruct. After finding out his original body has been stolen by New U Technologies and was being restored Otto infiltrated New U's lab and transferred his consciousness into his renewed body and quickly destroyed a copy of Peter Parker's consciousness created (as a side effect of Peter inhabiting Otto's body as it died) before reclaiming his title as Dr. Octopus and making a pact with The Jackal (who was secretly Ben Reily, a clone of Peter Parker having initially been a hero but due to being killed and resurrected countless times by Miles Warren, his creator and the original Jackal, he was driven over the edge and for the time being went down a more malicious path) to perfect New U Technologies currently flawed cloning process. Otto succeeded in creating an improved clone with spliced DNA from him and Peter Parker, calling it the "Proto-Clone". He stands with the Jackal up until he insults a captured Anna Maria Marconi (who the original Otto had a lengthy relationship with during his occupation of Peter's body that reached the point where Otto admitted he loved her) causing Otto to turn against him, discovering he was a Spider-Clone the entire time, causing him to feel manipulated. He and the Jackal fight as their bodies began to degenerate into dust and Otto destroys Reiley's webware which was sending a signal that would've healed their bodies, but Otto intends for him to die. As their bodies further degenerate Reily attempts to transfer his mind into the Proto-Clone but is instead electrocuted into unconsciousness (as a fail-safe Otto made if anybody other than him tries to transfer their conscience into the Proto-Clone), before Otto takes the body for himself and leaves Ben for dead. He then tracks down an old base of his and finds out Hydra has taken over it, and after defeating various henchman he is offered an alliance by Armin Zola to help him take down Parker Industries (a company Otto had founded during his time in Peter's body), which Otto agreed to. After making a new suit with a similar pattern to the Superior Spider-Man suit Otto dubbed himself the "Superior Octopus". After fighting Spider-Man for control of Parker Industries Otto fails and is dismayed at being a Hydra soldier. He becomes a member of Hydra's short-lived version of the Avengers which later disbands following Hydra's defeat. Otto later defects from Hydra deciding to resume his former self's career in heroism and bases himself in San Francisco using the alias "Eliot Tolliver" and gains a position at Horizon University.[39]


Superior Octopus establishes himself as a local hero of San Francisco where he has defeated the Night Shift, Arnim Zola, and Count Nefaria. He has a lab with his inventions, including a machine that makes clones of himself, allowing his consciousness to jump to one of those in case of death. This machine uses technology of the Inheritors.[40] Spider-UK, Spider-Woman of Earth-982, Spider-Gwen of Earth-65, Doctor Octopus (Octavia Octo) of Earth-1104, Spider-Ham, Spider-Punk of Earth-138, and Spider-Man Noir gather at the lab to warn him of the risk. Morlun emerges from one of the machines as they talked as well as Verna and Jennix who kill Spider-Man Noir and Spider-UK as Morlun departs to target Peter Parker.[41]


Otto resumes his career as the Superior Spider-Man once again, protecting San Francisco with the hired assistance of the Night Shift. His identity as Dr. Elliot Toliver is uncovered by Anna Maria, who confronts him with the rebuilt Living Brain, but the appearance of Terrax gives Otto a chance to temporarily evade this. Despite lacking the weaponry, technology, and the Night Shift's assistance (who ran away in fear after one of their undead members is cut in half) to take on Terrax, Otto refuses to back down despite being heavily injured during the fight against him. With help from Anna Maria and the Night Shift, Otto is able to use a device to siphon a fraction of Terrax's Power Cosmic and transfer it to himself, giving Otto cosmic powers. Despite this upgrade, Otto is still unable to defeat Terrax until he is able to change the frequency of the latter's axe and trick him into taking it back, causing a feedback which shocks Terrax unconscious. With the fight over, Otto returns the Power Cosmic back to the machine and passes out. When he awakens, he is being treated by Anna Maria who decides that she will help Otto be a real hero. She also warns Otto that if he ever returns back to his Doctor Octopus persona, she will have him arrested or worse. Otto agrees to this, believing she would make the perfect partner for him.[42]

While helping the authorities rebuild San Francisco and rescue survivors, Otto learns about humility and begins to connect with the people. Unbeknownst to him, Master Pandemonium emerges from the wreckage planning to strike.[43] When Master Pandemonium attacks, Superior Spider-Man is forced to work with Doctor Strange to stop Pandemonium after he possesses Elliot Tolliver's new associate Emma Hernandez, revealing in flashbacks that the two met before they adopted their later identities, with Doctor Strange rejecting a request to help Octavius develop the original harness and Octavius later ignoring the now-destitute Strange after the accident. While fighting Master Pandemonium, the two are forced to 'swap' for a time, with Doctor Strange using Superior Spider-Man's 'spinnerets' to operate on Pandemonium and shut him down while Superior Spider-Man uses the Cloak of Levitation. At the fight's conclusion, Superior Spider-Man asks if Doctor Strange could cast the same spell that he used to make the world forget about Peter's identity. Doctor Strange rejects that request as the original spell could only be cast under specific circumstances and in any case he feels that it does Superior Spider-Man good to have people aware of his past so that he won't be tempted to "regress."[44]

Listen big guy, I get it. Everyone's the hero of their own story.
So when you find out there are other stories where you don't
even rate a mention, it sucks. But I'll tell you something. I've
been paying attention. To the redshirts. The extras. The day
players. They're people too. Even if the powers that be don't
think of 'em that way. If, in this whole war, all you do is save
one guy... ...You are the most important person in that guy's
world. You coming?

Gwendolyn Poole, The Superior Spider-Man, Vol. 2, Issue 8.

War of the Realms[edit]

During the "War of the Realms" storyline, Superior Spider-Man worked to save the civilians from a Frost Giant invasion. Then he came up with the idea to work with the West Coast Avengers in order to make use of America Chavez's powers. After rescuing them with his Octavian Lens, Superior Spider-Man barely convinced them to help fight the Asgardian invasion at the source. They will have to go to New York City since the Asgardian magic is interfering with America's powers.[45] In the midst of the battle between the Fantastic Four and Malekith the Accursed's forces, Superior Spider-Man worked with Mister Fantastic to enable America Chavez to duplicate the Bifrost Bridge's energy. After the two of them failed to locate the strike team in Svartalfheim, Superior Spider-Man and Mister Fantastic located the strike team in Jotunheim. Those in Jotunheim (specifically Peter Parker) order Superior Spider-Man to focus on protecting Earth. After he initially refuses to leave, Gwen Poole assists Superior Spider-Man in his coming to terms with his lack of a role in the War, before Superior Spider-Man returned to New York City to lead the West Coast Avengers in protecting its citizens.[46]

Revenge of Spider-Man of Earth-44145[edit]

Once the War was over, the Superior Spider-Man received an award from the city for his role in its defence, but Superior Spider-Man found himself troubled by the ceremony, confessing to Spider-Man later that he felt as though he should have been able to save more. Offering his own experience as a hero, Spider-Man consoled Superior Spider-Man by observing that Octavius feeling this hurt over random deaths proved that he was moving on from his old villainous history. Unbeknownst to Elliot Tolliver on his date with Emma Hernandez, he is being spied upon by one of the spiders that makes up Spiders-Man of Earth-11580 on behalf of Norman Osborn of Earth-44145. After being told the information he received from Spiders-Man of Earth-11580, Norman Osborn of Earth-44145 begins his revenge plans on Superior Spider-Man.[47]

Following a date with Emma Hernandez, they notice a news that asks if Superior Spider-Man is really Doctor Octopus. Spider-Man, Mister Fantastic, and Doctor Strange had noted their collaboration with Superior Spider-Man and his involvement in fighting the Frost Giants. Even the Brothers Grimm made their comment about working for them. The next day, Max Modell calls Elliot Tolliver to his office where Tolliver admits that he is the Proto-Clone created by New U Technologies and is hosting Otto Octavius' mind. Modell stated that he already knew of him being the Proto-Clone and Superior Spider-Man as well as stating that he believes in second chances. Upon analyzing the security footage of the leak, Superior Spider-Man finds small spiders and figures out that Spiders-Man of Earth-11580 was responsible. Spiders-Man of Earth-11580 attacks them as Superior Spider-Man uses a Wave Disruption Field to trap the main spider. Getting a confession from him, Superior Spider-Man reveals to Modell about the Norman Osborn of Earth-44145 who operates as the Spider-Man of his reality. Spiders-Man of Earth-11580 states that Spider-Man of Earth-44145 is safe on his world and that they will never reach him. In Horizon University's sub-basement two, Superior Spider-Man states that they won't be able to power the dimensional transporter without something that can replicate the energies of the Cosmic Cube. Anna Maria and Living Brain revealed that they harnessed the cosmic energies from the fight with Terrax in the Cosmic Harness invention. When Living Brain enters the cosmic energies into the system, he starts to overload and it causes an explosion. As Superior Spider-Man holds up the rubble, Spider-Man of Earth-44145 appears revealing that he was on Earth-616 all this time thanks to the fragment of the Web of Life and Destiny that he holds that enables him to travel to different dimensions. Upon knocking down Superior Spider-Man, Spider-Man of Earth-44145 reveals that he's going to kill everyone that he cares about as part of his revenge on Superior Spider-Man for insulting him.[48]

Rescue crews work to save those caught in the explosion. As Max Modell and Emma Hernandez are loaded onto the ambulances, Anna Maria Marconi tells Superior Spider-Man that she will go to the hospital to keep an eye on them. As he goes to look for the Night Shift members that are still loyal to him, Superior Spider-Man asks her to keep James Martin safe. After defeating Dansen Macabre, Digger, and Skein with the help of Spiders-Man of Earth-11580, Spider-Man of Earth-44145 starts to target James as Superior Spider-Man catches up to him. Upon being subdued, Superior Spider-Man begs for mercy on James. Spider-Man of Earth-44145 states that he will spare of James if he kills three citizens in front of the cameras that doesn't involve cheating, criminals, or terminally-ill patients. That way, people will see that Superior Spider-Man is a fraud. Awakening in the infirmary, Superior Spider-Man learns from Anna Maria that James' aunt and uncle are in shock, Skein and Dansen are recovering form their injuries, and Emma is in a medically-induced coma while Digger is still living with his head detached while asking for a staple gun. Superior Spider-Man tells Anna Maria that he can't call Spider-Man or the Avengers without endangering James. With no other choice, Superior Spider-Man uses a signal move he learned from Doctor Strange to call Mephisto who states that Spider-Man of Earth-44145 is out of his jurisdiction. Superior Spider-Man asks Mephisto to restore him to the man he once was for a day so that he can fight Spider-Man of Earth-44145. While Mephisto states that he either has or doesn't have his soul, he does have a counter-offer that will restore his body without disease, the physical mental, and the taint of Peter Parker. As Superior Spider-Man tells Anna that there is no other option, he expects Mephisto to uphold his end of the bargain. At the Lowe Hotel, the Brothers Grimm have collected their payment from Spider-Man of Earth-44145 when they are attacked by Doctor Octopus. He demands the location of Spider-Man of Earth-44145 from them or else they will die.[49]

As Spider-Man of Earth-44145 is keeping an eye on James Martin, Elliot Tolliver comes in with a hooded man who Spider-Man of Earth-44145 will be his first victim. He is caught by surprise when the hooded man sheds his disguise to be Doctor Octopus while Elliot Tolliver was actually a mindless clone that Doctor Octopus' Octobot was controlling as he states that it does count as an innocent life being killed. When Spider-Man of Earth-44145 tries to call for Spiders-Man of Earth-11580, Doctor Octopus reveals that he unleashed his Octobots on him. As Spider-Man of Earth-44145 drops James, he turns on the cameras and fights Doctor Octopus who summons all his old harnesses to aid him by rescuing James and entrapping Spider-Man of Earth-44145. After injuring Spider-Man of Earth-44145, Doctor Octopus uses his fragment of the Web of Life and Destiny to send him back to Earth-44145. Afterwards, Doctor Octopus speaks through the cameras about his return stating to let what happened to Spider-Man of Earth-44145 serve as a warning to anyone who comes after him for what he has done as Superior Spider-Man who is a "disease of the mind." At the hospital, Anna Maria Marconi informs Emma Hernandez about Doctor Octopus' broadcast which Emma doesn't want to see. Doctor Octopus visits Anna Maria and Emma stating that he no longer remembers Spider-Man's true identity, but remembers his life as Elliot Tolliver. As Anna Maria and Emma try to persuade Doctor Octopus to stay with them, but he runs off. One week later, a funeral is held for Elliot Tolliver that is attended by Max Modell, Anna Maria, Emma, and James. As Doctor Octopus watches from afar, Digger is informed to distribute the severance pay to the remaining members of the Night Shift so they will not bother him again and to warn them not to go visit the Brothers Grimm in the hospital. Doctor Octopus then walks away leaving his Superior Spider-Man outfit in the garbage.[50]


Two Superior Spider-Man annuals were published during the series' run. The first one was written by Christos Gage and drawn by Javier Rodríguez and Alvaro Lopez.[51] It involved Spider-Man tracking down Blackout after the latter kidnapped Aunt May.

The second annual was written by Gage and drawn by Rodríguez and focused on Phil Urich's relationship with his uncle, Ben Urich.[52]


Initially when it was announced that Marvel was killing off Peter Parker and that his body would be taken over by Doctor Octopus it was criticized universally by fans of the previous series.[citation needed] However, as the series progressed, critics were won over[53] by the fresh approach and its smart writing.

In other media[edit]


  • The Superior Spider-Man series is alluded to in Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors. In the episode "Avenging Spider-Man" [Pt. 1], Loki body swaps with Spider-Man to which Doctor Octopus says that's brilliant and will take note of.
  • The Superior Spider-Man appears in season two of Marvel's Spider-Man, voiced by Robbie Daymond while Scott Menville provides Otto Octavius' inner thought monologues.[54] This adaption/reimagining of the Superior Spider-Man series takes place between the episodes "My Own Worst Enemy" and "Superior". In "My Own Worst Enemy", Octavius, having successfully transferred his consciousness into Spider-Man's body, becomes swayed by Peter's lingering memories of Uncle Ben into defeating his former accomplice Silver Sable. Because of this, he abandons all of his plans of taking over New York in favor of becoming its protector, crafting himself a new suit, and beginning to formulate methods to become a more efficient crime-fighter than Peter ever was. In "Critical Update", Superior Spider-Man's aggressive behavior-which can be seen during his fights against Hammerhead, Silvermane, Big Wheel, and Sandgirl-cause Spy-D to grow suspicious of Superior Spider-Man, as Octavius is still quite immersed with his ideology of him being better than everyone else despite being reformed at this point. Meanwhile, Peter's consciousness attempts to escape the Living Brain using the Neuro Cortex, while having to avoid being unknowingly deleted by Max Modell. In "A Troubled Mind", Superior Spider-Man is confronted by Iron Man, Black Widow, and Ms. Marvel, who are investigating Spy-D's suspicions, although they are forced to form a begrudging alliance with him in order to contend with A.I.M. and their newly-created leader MODOK. Although the three Avengers' investigation is called off when they are unable to prove something is off with Superior Spider-Man, Miles learns the truth from the real Peter who has downloaded himself into Octavius' discarded tentacles. During the same episode, Octavius' background is revealed when Peter comes across Otto's memories of his relationships with his father Torbert Octavius and a jock named Steve, realizing how similar the two actually are. In "Cloak and Dagger", Octavius (via Peter's body) re-enrolls at Midtown High, and is enlisted by Anna Maria in a sponsorship proposal to Alchemax to try and make the school an equal to Horizon High. When the titular duo assault Midtown High in an attempt to exact vengeance on Tiberius Stone for the experiments behind their powers, and by doing so taking away their lives, Superior Spider-Man steps in to try and bring them and Tiberius to justice. At the same time, having determined that the circuitry of Octavius' tentacles will soon degrade Peter's consciousness into nothing, Peter and Miles unsuccessfully convince Octavius to undo the body-swap. The storyline concludes in "Superior", where Octavius finds himself putting his skills as the Superior Spider-Man to the ultimate test when the Venom symbiote-now able to be fully active without a host due to the recent experiments that awakened him from stasis-assaults Midtown High to find and exact vengeance on Peter for rejecting him as his host the previous year. Discovering the body-swap between Peter and Octavius, Venom demands Octavius to bring the real Peter by taking Anna Maria hostage. When the real Peter arrives moments later to intervene, Octavius discovers how wrong he was about himself and Spider-Man through everything he experienced in Peter's body. Octavius ultimately and nobly reverses the consciousness transfer, restoring Peter to his former self whilst relocating himself into his old tentacles. After defeating Venom, Peter returns the favor by transferring Octavius' consciousness back into his inactive body.
    • Meanwhile, the Goblin Nation is featured with Adrian Toomes as the Goblin King (rather than Norman Osborn), Barkley Blitz as a second-in-command, Electro, Crossbones and Silvermane as leaders of various Goblin clans, and Alistair Smythe and the Wake Riders as the organization's additional members. The Goblin Nation was founded after Toomes got a hold of the Hobgoblin technology's schematics, constructing a more powerful, green-colored version for himself and mass-producing multi-colored replicas for the rest of the organization's members. In the prelude episode "The Road to Goblin War", Spider-Man and Octavius pursue Slyde attempting to destroy New York using cutting-edge chemical to exact revenge on Beemont Chemicals Corporation's CEO Alan Beemont. However, it's revealed that Dr. Joseph Rockwell orchestrated Slyde's rampage so that Alan would be fired from the company, allowing the Goblin Nation to take over. In the multi-part season finale "Goblin War", Spider-Man, Octavius (now calling himself Doctor Octopus again), Ghost-Spider, Spider-Girl and Spy-D encounter the Goblin Nation. Ghost-Spider and Spider-Girl think that the organization's leader is Peter because of being unaware of Octavius' body-swap actions as Superior Spider-Man. Spider-Man himself, meanwhile, thinks that Alistair is the leader, given the likelihood that-having taken Peter's place at Horizon High (after Octavius as Peter re-enrolled at Midtown High) could have had access to the Goblin technology on Horizon High's computers from when Harry Osborn (the technology's original creator) was a student. However, it is revealed that Alistair is only one of the organization's latest 'newbie' members. Hobgoblin joins Spider-Man in finding and unmasking the Goblin Nation's leader, known as the Goblin King. Spider-Man suspects his best friend may be leading him into a trap while Hobgoblin is convinced the Goblin King is his possibly-alive father. The boys journey into a hidden chamber filled with Norman's Goblin technology and subsequently battle the Goblin King, discovering he is none other than Octavius' former Sinister Six teammate. Around the same time, Ghost-Spider and Spider-Girl discover multiple Goblin clans are at large. Spider-Man rallies the rest of the Spider Team and their new allies in hopes of challenging and stopping the Goblin Nation with an army of his own. While Otto and Anna Maria provide tactical support from behind-the-scenes, Spider-Man and Hobgoblin battle the Cyber Goblins with Silvermane shattering Hobgoblin's mask after deeming Harry as unworthy before the boys defeat Silvermane while Ghost-Spider defeats Blitz. Spy-D, Ghost-Spider, and Spider-Girl battle the Electro Goblins and War Goblins who are made by their respective leaders Electro and Crossbones at that point to turn on each other, Electro being weakened by Crossbones using a device built by his 'eggheads' while Crossbones himself is attacked by Ghost-Spider and defeated by Spy-D. With the other Goblin clans taken care of, all that remains is the Goblin King. The storyline comes to a close when Spider-Man, Hobgoblin, and Doctor Octopus face off against Toomes armed with a powerful Goblin Mech suit capable of controlling any machinery in its range, easily turning on the rest of his organization in his personal quest for power. Realizing that only the Neuro Cortex can disable the Goblin Mech, Spider-Man nearly risks his own life to accomplish this plan when Doctor Octopus takes the Neuro Cortex and uses the device himself. This action defeats Toomes' ultimate weapon, however, Doctor Octopus ultimately dies in the process. In the aftermath of the battle, Alistair, Barkley, the other Wake Riders, and the rest of the Goblin Nation are all taken into custody alongside Toomes. At Octavius' funeral, Peter finally reconciles with Gwen, Anya and Max for everything Otto did as Superior-Spider-Man. To his surprise, Peter is also invited back to Horizon High thanks to a recommendation letter that Octavius wrote prior to his death.


Concept art for costume based on that of the Superior Spider-Man was designed by Ryan Meinerding during production of Spider-Man: Homecoming. It is intended for the suit to be used in a future Marvel Cinematic Universe film [55]

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