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The Switch Beverage Company
Industry Beverages
Founded Darien, Connecticut, United States (2001 (2001))
Founder Mike Gilbert, Bill Hargis[1]
Headquarters 381 Post Road, Darien, Connecticut, USA
Area served
United States
Products Carbonated fruit juice

The Switch Beverage Company is a beverage company based in Darien, Connecticut.[2] They are well known for their carbonated fruit juices with no artificial additives or high fructose corn syrup.[3] Switch is available at many stores as well as over 3,000 schools around the United States. Switch is well known in school vending machines for containing a complete day's worth of Vitamin C. Though extremely popular, the number of stores that sell Switch are scarce. [4][5] According to SPINscan, The Switch is among the fastest growing single-serve beverages in the United States.

A Switch can


The founder of The Switch Company, Mike Gilbert, first came up with the idea of Carbonated Juices in 1999 in the parking lot of his gym. To replenish nutrients and hydration that he lost while working, he would drink orange juice. However, he found orange juice bland and mixed it with carbonated water. The Switch was born when Gilbert spilled sparkling water all over himself and wondered how many other people had the same struggle as him. He soon teamed up with the visionary Bill Hargis to launch the new soft-drink. Gilbert's idea for the name wasn't clicking but The Switch was finally reached when Bill decided the skater-term would fit perfectly. Three years later, The Switch was born! Though it ended abruptly for Mike and Bill, they both went on to be very successful. Mike, an author and Bill learning from The Switch and using his knowledge to make a new drink Fruit-66.


The Switch comes in 8 flavors: Apple, Black Cherry, Watermelon Strawberry, Orange Tangerine, Grape, Fruit Punch, Kiwi Berry, and Lemon Lime (Apricot Peach & Very Berry are Not listed on the company's website). Eight varieties come in 8fl cans and Five come in 8fl bottles. All flavors contain 100% percent juice, 100% Vitamin C and no artificial colors[6] The Switch motto is: "100% of what you want and 0% of what you don't".[7]

8 ounces of "The Switch" contains 120 calories and 28 grams of sugar.[8] As a comparison, 8 ounces of Coca-Cola contains 100 calories and 26 grams of sugar [9]


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