The Switcheroo Series: Alexisonfire vs. Moneen

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The Switcheroo Series: Alexisonfire vs. Moneen
Switcheroo - Cover.jpg
EP by Alexisonfire and Moneen
Released October 31, 2005[1]
Recorded Silo Studios (Alexisonfire), BWC Studios (Moneen)
Genre Post-hardcore, indie rock
Length 28:55
Label Dine Alone in Canada
Vagrant in the United States
Producer Alexisonfire/Moneen
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The Switcheroo Series: Alexisonfire vs. Moneen
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The Switcheroo Series: Alexisonfire vs. Moneen
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The Switcheroo Series: Alexisonfire vs. Moneen is an EP released by the post-hardcore band Alexisonfire and indie rock band Moneen. It has been the first of only two releases in the Switcheroo series from Dine Alone Records. In the United States, Moneen's label, Vagrant Records, released the split EP on November 22, 2005, but titled the release "Alexisonfire/Moneen Split", this was because The Switcheroo Series is an EP series by Dine Alone Records, not Vagrant Records. Nine months after the US release of the split EP, Alexisonfire released Crisis on Vagrant Records, after completing contract terms with former United States label Equal Vision Records.

This album featured Alexisonfire covering two songs originally by Moneen and vice versa. Each band also contributed a third, original track. This CD is the first to feature new Alexisonfire drummer Jordan Hastings, who replaced original drummer Jesse Ingelevics.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Artist Length
1. "Passing Out in America" (cover of Moneen's "The Passing of America") Alexisonfire 4:00
2. "Accidents Are on Purpose" (cover of Alexisonfire's "Accidents") Moneen 5:40
3. "Tonight, I'm Going to Wash the Hippy" (cover of Moneen's "Tonight, I'm Gone...") Alexisonfire 5:47
4. "Sharks in Danger" (cover of Alexisonfire's "Sharks And Danger") Moneen 4:46
5. "Bleed & Blister (version 2)" (original track) Moneen 5:03
6. "Charlie Sheen vs. Henry Rollins" (original track) Alexisonfire 3:39
Total length: 28:55



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