The Sword (comics)

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The Sword
Cover to The Sword #1.
Publication information
Publisher Image Comics
Schedule Monthly
Format Limited series
Publication date October 2007 - May 2010
No. of issues 24
Main character(s) Dara Brighton
Creative team
Created by Luna Brothers
Collected editions
Fire ISBN 1-58240-879-3
Water ISBN 1582409765
Earth ISBN 1607060736
Air ISBN 1607061686

The Sword was a monthly comic book limited series created by the Luna Brothers and published by American company Image Comics. The first issue was released in October 2007[1][2] and the series concluded in May 2010 with a giant-sized 24th issue.

It is a fantasy story set in modern-day about a young woman named Dara Brighton seeking revenge on a trio of siblings with unique abilities. Dara's conflict with the siblings revolves around, and is aided by, an unusual sword.


Dara Brighton is a young paraplegic college student with a happy, normal life, until three strangers knock on her family's door, demanding a particular sword. After the assassination of her father, mother and sister, Dara is left in the burning house and crashes into the basement, where she finds the sword giving her incredible powers and setting her off on an incredible search for vengeance.[3]

The story explores the history of the three unusual siblings Dara is chasing, as well as Dara's own history with her family and how she draws strength from those bonds and experiences. Also explored within the story is the broader impact incredible events can have in an otherwise normal world.

Dara finds out through a classmate that her father was an immortal warrior who used the sword to confront each of four siblings. He murdered one ages before, and attempted to keep the other three in line. Dara vows to destroy them all, and discovers the sword grants her fast healing, provided she can match up her dismembered limbs before skin covers any stumps, and enhanced strength (allowing for tremendous leaps). After she kills all three siblings, it is revealed that the classmate is the final one, and after he commits suicide, she releases the sword, which causes all of her sustained wounds to unheal as she returns and dies in the remnant of her home.

Collected editions[edit]

The series is collected into trade paperbacks:

Additionally, there is a deluxe hardcover with all 24 issues. (December 2010, ISBN 1-60706-280-1)


Lakeshore Entertainment are making the film version of The Sword with David Hayter writing the film's script.[4]



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