The Sword of Hope

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Selection: Erabareshi Mono
The Sword of Hope
The Sword of Hope
Front of the Japanese box art.
Publisher(s)Seika Corporation
SeriesThe Sword of Hope
Platform(s)Game Boy, 3DS Virtual Console
ReleaseGame Boy
  • JP: December 28, 1989
  • NA: June 1991
  • EU: 1991
Selection I & II
  • JP: May 1, 1998
3DS Virtual Console
  • JP: December 7, 2011
Genre(s)Role-playing video game

The Sword of Hope, released in Japan as Selection: Erabareshi Mono (セレクション 選ばれし者), is a 1989 first-person RPG for the Game Boy, developed by Kemco and published by Seika Corporation.

In 1992, it received a sequel, The Sword of Hope II. In 1998, these two games were rereleased in Japan as a single Game Boy cartridge, Selection I & II. The Sword of Hope has also been released for the 3DS Virtual Console, albeit in Japan only.

A sequel titled Selection (セレクション) was released for mobile phones on 2008.


The player assumes the role of Prince Theo whose father, King Hennessy has become corrupt and maniacal with power. He has enslaved the kingdom and exiled the great wisemen who once maintained the balance and prosperity of the kingdom. Theo's mother, Queen Remy, was killed by Hennessy but Theo was rescued from the castle without harm with the help of an old sage. Now that Theo has reached his teenage years and become a skilled warrior it is time for Theo to face his destiny and return to the castle where he was raised and defeat his father.

Each boss has his own weakness; exploiting it to defeat him is completely up to the player.

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