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The Syndicats were an English popular music group, notable for being future Yes guitarist Steve Howe's first band. When Howe left for Tomorrow in 1965, he was replaced by Ray Fenwick, who was then replaced by Peter Banks, whom Howe would come to replace in Yes. Fenwick played lead guitar on the band's most famous song "Crawdaddy Simone", which he co-wrote with Jeff Williams, the band's keyboardist. Further members were Tom Ladd (lead vocals; born Thomas Ladd in 1940), John Truelove (drums; born John Melton in 1941), Kevin Driscoll (vocals and bass; co-founder; born Kevin C. Driscoll on 16 September 1945 and died on 16 August 1982 in London), Johnny Lamb (lead vocals; born John Lamb), and, Paul Holm (drums on last single).

Their three singles on Columbia (EMI) were produced by Joe Meek. "Crawdaddy Simone" is played over the end credits of Telstar, a film biopic of Meek, released in June 2009.


  • "Maybellene" (Chuck Berry) / "True to Me" (Ladd/Howe) (8 April 1964, Columbia DB 7238)
  • "Howling For My Baby" (Willie Dixon) / "What To Do" (Howe/Truelove/K. Driscoll/T. Driscoll) (January 1965, Columbia DB 7441)
  • "On the Horizon" (Leiber/Stoller) / "Crawdaddy Simone" (Fenwick/Williams) (10 September 1965, Columbia DB 7686)[1]

The band's output, except the song "Crawdaddy Simone", was released on Steve Howe's compilation album Mothballs (RPM Records, 1994).


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