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"The System" (German: Das System) was a derogatory term used by the Nazis to denote contemptuously the Weimar Republic, whose official name was German Reich (Deutsches Reich), and its institutions.[1] In Nazi publications and propaganda, the word was used in a number of compounds: for example, the period from the German Revolution of 1918–1919 to the Nazi seizure of power (German: Machtergreifung) in 1933 was called "The time of the System" (German: Systemzeit) and political opponents of the Nazis from this period were called "System parties", "System politicians" or the "System press".[1] After the Nazi takeover, the term was quickly adopted to everyday use.[2]

Another Nazi phrase used for the republic and its politicians was "the November criminals" or "the regime of the November criminals" (German: November-Verbrecher), referring to the month the republic was founded in.[3] This term was used also by other nationalistic right-wing groups.[3]


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