The Tailor from Torzhok

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The Tailor from Torzhok
The Tailor from Torzhok.jpg
Original film poster
Directed byYakov Protazanov
Written byValentin Turkin
StarringIgor Ilyinsky
CinematographyPyotr Yermolov
Release date
Running time
65 minutes
CountrySoviet Union
LanguageSilent film (Russian intertitles)
The Tailor from Torzhok
A scene from the film

The Tailor from Torzhok (Russian: Закройщик из Торжка, translit. Zakroyshchik iz Torzhka) is a 1925 Soviet silent comedy film directed by Yakov Protazanov and starring Igor Ilyinsky. The picture was commissioned as publicity for the State Lottery Loan.[1]


The film takes place in Soviet Russia during the NEP in a small provincial town. Petya Petelkin is a humble tailor of a sewing workshop belonging to the widow Shirinkina. The widow decides to marry her employee and Petya buys a lottery ticket hoping to win so that he can present her with a fancy gift.

He wins the big prize, starts dreaming of having his own shop, but the winning ticket disappears and passes from hand to hand. This is the beginning of a series of comic adventures. Petya is on the verge of committing suicide, but eventually everything ends well.


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