The Tain (novella)

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The Tain
The Tain (novella).jpg
The cover of the 2002 printing of The Tain.
Author China Miéville
Cover artist Les Edwards (using his Edward Miller pseudonym)
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Genre Fantasy novella
Publisher PS Publishing
Publication date
October 2002
Media type Print (hardcover)
Pages 92
ISBN 1-902880-64-1
OCLC 58401127
Preceded by The Scar
Followed by Iron Council

The Tain is a fantasy novella by British author China Miéville.

Publication history[edit]

It was first published by PS Publishing in 2002, accompanied by an introduction by M. John Harrison. It has since been featured in the 2004 anthology Cities, edited by Peter Crowther, as well as Miéville's 2005 short story collection Looking for Jake.

Plot synopsis[edit]

The story follows Sholl, a man living in London soon after a convulsive onslaught by unearthly beings. Through introspective monologue on both sides of the fight, we learn of the history of the attacking imagos and "vampires", and the reasons behind the invasion.


The website Infinity Plus describes it as "a story which uses the tropes of the fantastic to address the real world's injustices, The Tain can stand with the best work of another stylist of decaying empires, Lucius Shepard."[1]

Bookotron reviewed it and said:

Aaron Hughes reviewed the book for Fantastic Reviews and stated:


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