The Tale of the Wonderful Potato

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The Tale of the Wonderful Potato
Vidunderlige Kartoffel- DVD cover.png
DVD Cover
Directed byAnders Sørensen
Written byAnders Sørensen
Narrated byKai Løvring
Edited byJette Michaelsen
Release date
  • 1985 (1985) (Denmark)
Running time
22 minutes

The Tale of the Wonderful Potato (Danish: Eventyret om den vidunderlige kartoffel) is a 1985 animated film by Anders Sørensen. Sponsored by the Danish Film Institute, it tells the history of the potato through the ages—with a focus on European history and a twinkle in its eye. Potato's humorous and slightly self-deprecating presentation belies the detailed and insightful understanding of human history that carries through from the Incan potato creation myth, to the feisty tuber's heyday in 18th-century haute cuisine.

Educational value[edit]

Inca scene
Irish scene

Appropriate audience[edit]

A mere 24 minutes long, The Tale of the Wonderful Potato is a schoolroom favorite in Europe, and has won the acclaim of teachers' organizations worldwide.[1] It has been translated (dubbed) into English, German and Dutch, and it is recommended for grades 5 through 8 due to the versatile nature of its presentation, coupled with a detailed narrative voice.


Topics covered include:

  • History of the potato (South America and Europe)
  • World leaders involved in the history of the potato
  • Social climate during the 16th to 18th centuries
  • Major world events in the 16th to 18th centuries
  • Nutrition, storage and preparation of potatoes


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