The Tales of Bearsworth Manor

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The Tales of Bearsworth Manor
Tales ofbearsworth conflictboxart 160w.jpg
Developer(s) Square Enix
Publisher(s) Square Enix
Platform(s) WiiWare
Release date(s)
  • JP June 8, 2010
  • NA June 21, 2010
  • EU June 25, 2010

The Tales of Bearsworth Manor, or Kumanage in Japanese, is a video game developed and published by Square Enix and released for the Wii's WiiWare service. The game was released in two parts; Tales of Bearsworth Manor: Puzzling Pages, and Tales of Bearsworth Manor: Chaotic Conflicts. Both games have the player use the Wiimote controller to toss paper bears onto a board, with Chaotic Conflicts focusing on a tower defense gameplay and Puzzling Pages using puzzle elements. A different title of the same series was also released on DSiWare.


In Puzzling Pages, players use the Wii Remote to throw paper bears into the picture book on the screen to manipulate the on screen environment and combat enemies in order to gather all the red candies.[1] In Chaotic Conflicts, players use the Wiimote to throw paper bears and protect your blue gem in a tower defense-style game.[2] In Puzzling Pages, the player uses similar mechanics, but with a more puzzle-oriented approach. Players must blow up boxes with bombs, land their bears on see-saws, and activate switches in order to collect the red candies.[3] "Puzzling Pages" features 30 levels.[4]


In a crumbling mansion, a young girl named Pina's picture book comes to life.[1] In Chaotic Conflicts, players defend the blue gems from Kina, a boy who lives in the mansion.[5]


IGN reviewed both games and gave them a 5.5, or "Mediocre", calling the graphical style "sensational", but panning both games imprecise controls, short game play time, and excessive price for the games and their downloadable content.[6] Nintendo Life was complimentary of Puzzling Pages, calling it a "creative storybook adventure" wrapped around a simple game and awarding it 8 of 10, while Edge magazine gave it a 4, saying that "its concept feels almost thrown together".[3][7] Nintendo Life also gave Chaotic Chronicles an 8 of 10, praising the "silly theme and intense gameplay mechanics", but Edge gave it a 3, claiming that the poor controls left the game almost unplayable.[7][8]


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