The Talk of the Town (novel)

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The Talk of the Town
The Talk of the Town (novel).jpg
AuthorArdal O'Hanlon
GenreYoung adult, Comedy novel
Publication date
21 January 1999
Media typePrint (Hardcover & Paperback)
Pages244 Pages
ISBN0-340-74858-3 (paperback edition)
ISBN 0-8050-6330-7 (hardcover edition)

The Talk of the Town is the first novel written by Ardal O'Hanlon, published by Sceptre in 1999. It was renamed Knick Knack Paddy Whack for publication in United States.

The novel is set in 1980's Ireland and is about life in a small Irish town, where everyone knows your business. Its tone is humorous but dark. The main character is Patrick Scully, a hapless youth with few prospects.