The Talking Parcel

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First edition (publ. Collins)
Cover art by Liza James

The Talking Parcel (also published as The Battle for Castle Cockatrice) is a 1974 book by Gerald Durrell in which children are transported to the fantasy land of Mythologia to save it from cockatrices. They are aided by a talking parrot and encounter many other magical creatures, including a mooncalf.

Film adaptation[edit]

The Talking Parcel
Directed by Brian Cosgrove
Produced by Brian Cosgrove
Mark Hall
Written by Gerald Durrell (novel)
Rosemary Anne Sisson (writer)
Music by Ravid Rohl
Woolly Wolstenholme
Edited by John McManus
Dave Street
Release date
26 December 1978 (UK)
Running time
(USA) 60 min
(UK) 40 min.
Country United Kingdom
Language English

It was made into an animated feature for television by Cosgrove Hall Films in 1978, debuting on ITV. However, the film differs from the book mainly by introducing only one human protagonist, the girl Penelope.

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