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This article is about the fairy tale. For the pattern of stars, see Sagittarius (constellation).
"The Teapot"
Author Hans Christian Andersen
Original title "Theepotten"
Country Denmark
Language Danish
Genre(s) Literary fairy tale
Published in Folkekalender for Danmark
Publication type Fairy tale collection
Publisher C.A. Reitzel
Media type Print
Publication date 1863

"The Teapot" (Danish: Theepotten) is a literary fairy tale by Danish poet and author Hans Christian Andersen about a teapot and her adventures. The tale was first published 1863 and demonstrates the Andersen's talent for investing ordinary household objects with life, character, and personality.

Plot summary[edit]

A porcelain teapot rules the tea table. She is very proud of her handle and spout, but not quite so proud of her lid (which is cracked). She is very proud of holding the tea leaves and of being the one to pour forth her contents for thirsty humankind. One day, the teapot is dropped and the handle and spout are broken. She is given to a beggar woman who fills her with soil and plants a flowering bulb within her. The teapot then feels a happiness she has never known. At the last, the teapot is broken in two, the bulb removed to a bigger pot, and the teapot thrown away. She cherishes her memories.

Publication history[edit]

Illustration by Lorenz Frølich, an early illustrator of Andersen's works

The tale was first published December 1863 in Folkekalender for Danmark. The work was republished 12 December 1871 in the fourth volume of Fairy Tales and Stories. 1871. [1]

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