The Tears of My Soul

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The Tears of My Soul
The Tears of My Soul.jpg
Author Kim Hyun Hui
Subject Autobiography
Publisher William Morrow and Co.
ISBN 0-688-12833-5

The Tears of My Soul is the memoir of Kim Hyun Hui, a North Korean agent known for planting the bomb on board Korean Air Flight 858. This book recounts one of a number of North Korean state-sponsored acts of terror over the last 40 years.

Kim Hyun Hui tells the story of how she was trained as a spy and assigned a mission given by Kim Jong-il to blow up a South Korean airliner. The book details her early training and life of a party girl in Macau, Hainan, and across Europe; her terrorist act; and her consequent trial, reprieve, and integration into South Korean society.

The book has been translated into a number of languages, including German.[1]

On page 3 of the book Kim writes:

This book is dedicated to the families of the victims of Flight 858. All proceeds deriving from the book will be donated to them.[2]

Rémi Kauffer, in The Black Book of Communism, has some reservations about the truthfulness of The Tears of My Soul, writing in 1997: "It is still too soon to determine how much of the book is fabrication".[3]


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